Find the Right Marriage Counsellor If You Want To Fix Your Marriage 

Find the Right Marriage Counsellor If You Want To Fix Your Marriage

A marriage counsellor is very important for a couple who are facing trouble with lot of issues, and what to get rid of them to lead a happy life. Choosing a right marriage counsellor is very important before you think to choose a marriage counsellor. Marriage therapy is done which plays a vital role in healing the differences you and your spouse have ultimately repairing the relationship. Marriage counselling tips can help you make a decision with your spouse and succeeding in your relation. To find a marriage counsellor it is always better to compare the marriage counsellors because you are going to save your marriage it is always better to make a right choice to have a happy marriage. 

Things you should ensure before choosing right marriage counsellor

  • Find out whether he is as specialist and does he have any positive cases that he resolved and combined couples, and also years of experience in this field

  • You should make sure that whether you both are comfortable with that person and also should know which type of marriage counsellor he is like, individual counsellor, couple counsellor, family therapist, religion based counsellor, imago therapy, marriage-friendly therapy etc. 

  • It is also important that what stance marriage counsellor should have. A good marriage counsellor should believe that no relation is irreparable, and with good will and support any relation can be joined happily with right counselling. Very few people look for counselling with intension of ending relationship, then role of marriage therapist in healing relationship is critical

  • You should also take your parents advice before choosing the counsellor

Keys to choose a perfect marriage therapist

  • Marriage therapist should be easy to talk when you face any problems and to solve your issues. Because a marriage advice from a counsellor should change your mood an opinion and he should maintain candid relationship with you and your spouse so that you can express your opinion freely without any fear

  • Main important thing to ensure is all three people that is you, your spouse and therapist should be in same point of view or opinion in the means of counselling, this should be confirmed by you in the first session whether your counsellor is on the same opinion or different opinion, otherwise you may be ending with bad counselling

  • And also main thing you should ensure from the counsellor is cost of the counselling whether it is affordable or not  

  • Personality and time of occurrence is also most important, a person who takes lead and also who takes back step according to situation is a good thing for a counsellor should contain in his personality. And also counsellor should ensure that at which time counselling should happen with the couple which affects both personal and professional lives. 

Things you should ask a marriage counsellor

  • How long he is been in practice
  • How will you define success whether there is any progress going on or not
  • How long would be therapy take place
  • How much of his practice is related with the marriage counselling
  • Where is your training background from
  • What is your opinion on divorce and would you ever suggest divorce for a couple who comes for counselling
Ask for if your therapist goes out of town that will take care if any crisis arrives in your relation 


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