Finding the Perfect Shoe to Match Your Wedding Dress 

Finding the Perfect Shoe to Match Your Wedding Dress

Bridal shoes are an important accessory for every bride. These shoes need to be perfect not just in their looks, but they also need to be extremely comfortable, as the bride has to spend long hours standing, walking, dancing and doing many other activities, wearing these shoes. However, along with these two factors, i.e. looks and comfort, there is one other extremely important consideration which every bride needs to bear in mind when buying bridal shoes for herself, and that is, these shoes need to be a perfect match for her wedding dress. 

When buying matching the shoes with the wedding dress, the following points need to be kept in mind:

Match Length Of The Dress

There was a time when all the brides opted for long flowing dresses as their wedding attire. However, times have changed now and the bride today is experimenting with their bridal dresses. As a result, you would be able to find the dresses of the brides varying not just in their style and color, but they would also vary in their lengths. While some brides would like to stay traditional and opt for a full length dress, some other bride may prefer to go for a short dress. Depending on the length of the dress, the heels of the wedding shoes will be determined. Besides this, the style of the shoe can also help in giving the legs a longer or shorter look and keeping this aspect in mind, the style of the shoe should be selected. 

Match Color Of The Dress

It is extremely important that the color of the shoe should complement the color of the dress that the bride would be wearing on her wedding day. Many brides prefer to opt for neutral colors like silver, ivory, golden, etc., so that later on the shoes can be used with other dresses as well. While this is not the wrong way of thinking, but it is important to ensure, that in a bid to go for neutral colors, you do not end up spoiling the look of your wedding dress. The bride will be buying many other shoes for her wedding trousseau and she can always opt for neutral colors when buying those shoes, the color of the bridal shoes should be a perfect match for the wedding dress. 

Match Style of the Dress

From stilettos to shoes with straps, there are numerous shoe styles available in the bridal section these days. The bride needs to ensure that the style of the shoe that she picks up for her wedding day matches the style of the dress that she would be wearing on the same day. You cannot team up a flat belly with a long vintage bridal dress. You will have to opt for the more sleek looking long heels under this extremely feminine and graceful dress. Therefore, it is a must that the brides ensure that the style of the wedding dress and the style of the bridal shoes complement each other and help in giving the bride the perfect look on her wedding day. 


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