Finger Foods for a Wedding Reception 

Finger Foods for a Wedding Reception

Finger food reception is becoming a very popular event now-a-days. The cost and overall expenses of the reception can be cut largely by discreetly printing – “finger food reception to follow “ on their invitations so, guestswil come to know what to expect. The Astronomical expenses of the wedding reception can be cut down easily by following the finger food ideas for the reception.

Wedding finger food menu ideas

From succulent dishes to savory sauces to sweet treats, there are dozens of options for delicious finger foods suitable for a wedding reception.

- Finger Food List
- Popular choices include:
- Fruit tarts, cream puffs, petit fours and cookies form the perfect individual desserts.
- Attractive fruit trays with chocolate, cheesecake or whipped topping dips
- Chocolate fountain for dipping or fondue stations
- Deli trays with assorted meats and cheeses
- Chocolate candies , nuts or pillow mints
- Pop corn chicken or shrimp
- Shrimp cocktail
- Stuffed mushrooms or vegetable rolls
- Assorted cheese and cracker trays with mustard and other sauces
- Dainty tea sandwiches such as cucumber or the chicken salad
- Deviled eggs
- Assorted cheese and cracker trays with mustards or other sauces

the varied tastes of the guests must be taken into the consideration as it would provide the wide selection rate and would provide wide selection to the people with unusual diets. Furthermore, offering both classic comfort foods and more exotic gourmet treats gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy their favorite food as well as sample new dishes.

Sample Themed Menus

The dishes that taste good together are an important aspect of finger food reception. Consider the following sample themed menus for your wedding – 

Hawaiian- for beach wedding, tropical flavors are perfect choices. Moreover, mango and pineapple chunks can be applied on skewers, glazed ham bites, coconut shrimp. Etc.

Backyard Barbeque- the traditional favorites are served grilled like veggie kebabs alongside beef and pork kebabs. Serve mini hotdogs on a stick, put out a veggie and cheese tray and have plenty of cookies and bars on a dessert buffet.

White sauce and red chilly sauce pasta- the ultimate choice with pasta –white as well as red souce one are the comfort foods. 


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