Firecrackers pronouncement by SC - We should now learn to adopt the good path! 

Firecrackers pronouncement by SC - We should now learn to adopt the good path!

While there is none who disagrees with the pollution dimension of Diwali time firecracker fantasy, the SC ruling in India has caused a generic discontentment among the enthusiasts! The sale of fire crackers in Delhi-NCR has been banned while considering the excess levels of toxic haze that prevails the day after; last year, it was a terrifying scene and caught the attention of national media. Sort of discrepancy is tried to be attempted and SC ruling is a preemptive measure.

No ban on use of firecrackers anywhere!

Anyway, the good news is that honorable Supreme Court of India has clarified that there is no ban on use of firecrackers in Delhi NCR and only the sale is banned! People should be happy through this balancing act of the Indian Judiciary; and those who are planning to burst crackers this Diwali will be definitely touched by the sensitive perspective of environment! Those who had aspirations to make their special occasion like wedding more special through firecrackers may not be too much guilty! More important is the much sought distinction that we all should pledge to reduce or rather eliminate firecrackers appeal during any occasion to make our planet healthier. We have the real obligations towards the younger generation. Should I and you contribute to make their air unworthy? Think of it!

Sustainability is demanded -

The use of firecrackers during wedding celebration and more particularly during the ‘baraat’ is very old in India. The jubilance is just exemplified to the fullest when the beautiful rockets spread brilliant colors and patterns in the dark skies; and signify the arrival of royal groom who has come to win his bride! Now special fire rockets are available in markets that are being much liked especially for wedding procession. The good aspect here is the sustainability in the use of firecrackers. Bursting fire crackers during wedding will never accumulate dangerous levels of toxic waste in atmosphere and hence no pollution problem! This impact is much less as compared to when all burst crackers the same night! Therefore, it is high time to take the call and a good turn to avert the disaster that is lurking! We should now limit our use of firecrackers for special occasions of life and avoid the mass use of crackers by the society as a whole.

Let’s confine our use of firecrackers for wedding and such occasions!

Wedding firecrackers are now a specialty segment and much in demand! The present ban on sale in Delhi and NCR will though affect all the use orientations including wedding, but the good message has funneled down to popular level. With the gradual withdrawing from the mass scale bursting of firecrackers like in Diwali, people will learn to confine their use to wedding and fewer ‘occasions of life’ rather than the calendar! Thumbs up to the robust pronouncement by the Indian jury; which even considered the right of every citizen, apart from sensitizing the society on the immediate demand of environment.


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