First Diwali Dhanteras by the Newly Wed Bride 

First Diwali Dhanteras by the Newly Wed Bride

You have been recently got married and the Beautiful festival of lights have been set up by God to bless you. It’s the time to firstly manage the home in most beautiful way. Let all the remaining be discarded to have the positive vibes to come. Get your home decorated beautifully and then get along to prepare for the Diwali Luxmi pooja. 

During this blissful time, everyone is new and shiny. And this Diwali, being the first after marriage is obviously extra special. The newlywed‘s parents bring Sweets and other gifts to mark the prosperous and Joyous life. 

An insight into the Diwali Celebration has been depicted here-

1. First and Foremost, you must thoroughly clean the mandir. The dust of all the objects lying can be wiped away of all the dust and dirt. In addition, the newly decorated and beautifying Diyas are placed to illuminate. Properly clean the idols of God with dried and wet cloth finally.

2. Since it’s a popular myth that the Goddess Luxmi resides in house where the home is beautifully decorated and maintained with illumination and lights of Diwali. So Rangoli can be added here to decorate the home in most elegant ways.

3. Apart from that- Light up all the Diyas- it’s mandatory to lighten up the Diyas and keep them in the front of your house to shed all the evil spirits, which would be otherwise enhancing the beauty if your home. 

4. Must have a relaxing bath- Dhanteras accompanies the holy bath with sandalwood or other rose oils, which are fragrant and Women prefer some sweet smelling, Aromatic oils. 

5. Buying Kitchen Utensils- The kitchen utensils are considered to be most auspicious, thus bringing in prosperity and good luck. Not only does the steel utensils, but the gold, silver or other precious metal utensils are bought into the home. Hindu mythology strongly asserts the buying of Kitchen utensils – the Dhan is taken As the Asset. 

6. Last but not the least- The Goddess Luxmi is pleased by the way of chanting the songs all together with the family as well as by inviting the spiritual leader- the pundit to have the dhan teras puja at home. 

Most importantly, have fun and enjoy your first Diwali as a married couple! 


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