Floral Wedding Arrangements 

Floral Wedding Arrangements

Flowers are the main item used in the decoration of a wedding venue. No matter in which part of the world the wedding ceremony is being held and what rituals and traditions are being followed, floral arrangements made from fresh flowers are surely going to be an intrinsic part of a wedding. 

Some of the most common floral arrangements which can be seen as centerpieces at most of the weddings have been discussed below:

Fan Shaped

This is one of the oldest and, the most commonly used, flower arrangement style, which most of the florists around the world use for making wedding bouquets. In this style, the flowers and the leaves are arranged in the shape of a fan. In this type of an arrangement, the leaves are used as a backdrop, against which flowers of different colors are arranged in front of it. 

Elliptical Flower Arrangement

The placing and arrangement of the flowers in this sort of an arrangement is done in the shape of an ellipse. In this style of arrangement, mostly roses, sunflowers, lotus and other bright flowers are only used. This is again a flower arrangement style which is most popular for making bouquets for weddings. 

Vertical Flower Arrangement

This style of flower arrangement is popular with both the florists as well as with their clients. The best part of this arrangement is that you can use it for making bouquets as well as baskets, to be used as centerpieces, as well. This makes this style of floral arrangement one of the most widely used style in wedding decorations. 

Horizontal Flower Arrangement

The flowers are arranged in a row or zigzag format in this style of arrangement. This style is mostly used when the flowers have to be placed on walls or for decorating the altars. Since these arrangements tend to be quite huge in nature and cover a large area of the wedding venue, therefore the flowers used in them should be fragrant or scented so as to spread a nice aroma in the entire venue. 

Triangular Format

The arrangement of the flowers in this case is done in the shape of a triangle. In these arrangements, usually, a large flower is placed in the middle and it is then surrounded by smaller flowers and leaves, giving the whole arrangement a very attractive look. 

The Crescent Flower Arrangement

This type of a flower arrangement is mostly used for gifting purpose. Therefore the guests to a wedding might bring this flower arrangement to the wedding as a gift for the bride and the groom. In this arrangement, fresh flowers which have been plucked along with their green leaves are placed in a decorative basket. There is a rawness and freshness to this arrangement, where you know that not much has been done to the flowers and leaves and the baskets used for this purpose are extremely attractive and designer in their appeal. 

Oval Shaped Flower Arrangement

This flower arrangement is quite popular with the florists and they recommend it to all their clients, this type of an arrangement can be used for making bouquets, baskets or even bunches as per the need of the clients. 


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