Food and Desserts of Essential Shrilankan Wedding Guide 

Food and Desserts of Essential Shrilankan Wedding Guide

If you happen to attend to any wedding in Sri Lanka, you will find the wedding food is heavily spicy, flavoured as well as creamy. Both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian food like seafood, fishes, chicken etc. is served. 

Here are the main features of food and deserts of Sri Lankan wedding.

Rice: A Necessary Item

You attend any wedding; you will find that rice is being served necessarily. It may be in the form of fried rice along with chicken, seafood or cashews. The curries as well as egg dishes are also served with rice. The rice is generally Basmati. 

Effect of Religion on Wedding Dinner

The wedding dinner in Sri Lanka is highly influenced by the religion and faith followed by the people there. The people of Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim etc. religions live in Sri Lanka. Since the people of Hindu and Buddhist sect don’t eat non-vegetarian food, you may not find meat dishes as part of their wedding menu. 

On the opposite hand, the Muslims, Sinhala etc. folk include non-vegetarian dishes in their wedding food ideas. Since the Sri Lanka is an island country. The plenty of sea food is available and hence seafood as well as fish curries are found as necessity in wedding food menus. The Muslim folk include biryani which is a popular south Asian dish. The chicken is also common. 

Out of these, you may not forget the special essence of coconut presence in food items in Sri Lankan weddings. The caterer takes special care of happiness of people in preparing wedding meal.  

Presence of Deserts

The people of Sri Lankan have special love for the deserts and you may different varieties of deserts. The presence of coconut is necessarily found in deserts. A special desert namely Watalappan is made of cardamom-spiced coconut. Another dish kavum (popularly known as oil cake), is a type of fried doughnut, generally seen in weddings. 

The Dutch and Portuguese had been to Sri Lanka for considerable time as colonizers and traders. Though the country is independent, but the effect of their effect is generally seen in wedding deserts. These are found in form of cakes and candies. 

While doing wedding planning and wedding reception, the special care is taken of the faith of people. Since the alcohol is prohibited in most of the religious minded people in Sri Lankan, you may not find the alcohol in most of the wedding reception. With the effect of modern and western culture, the use of alcohol is still limited. It highly depends on the economic standard and status of family to include dishes in wedding menu. But, you will realise that the Sri Lankan are big hearted people, they include as many as possible dishes in the wedding menu. As a guest, you will ever remember the food and deserts of a typical Sri Lankan wedding. The special effect in food with presence of coconut flavour is highly memorable by many guests and you may not ignore it. Be a part of Sri Lankan wedding, you will realise yourself.


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