Friend Rejected the Offer of Being Bridesmaid before, but wants to be one now What to do? 

Friend Rejected the Offer of Being Bridesmaid before, but wants to be one now What to do?

She said no back when you asked, however now that the wedding is getting closer she needs to be a piece of everything. This isn't another wonder. It's called FOMO - Fear of Missing Out - and your companion who declined and is presently lamenting that choice certainly has it. 

So you asked a companion to be a bridesmaid and afterwards, she said no because of money related reasons. She lives out of state and the excursion would have been costly for her. Quick forward to this previous weekend. She inquired as to whether she could even now be a bridesmaid since she now had aircraft miles she could utilize. The wedding is in two months and it's past the point where it is possible to get the dress, following the transportation time is long. You know it will disappoint her in case you say no, however you truly must choose between limited options. What can you do?

On the off chance that You'd Like to Tell Her "Yes" 

Contingent upon the measure of time left until your wedding date, you might need to consider having this companion in your wedding party, regardless of her unique no. Generally, individuals say no in view of accounts and not out of any vindictiveness to the lady. In the event that, following a couple of months, they've figured out how to get back on track monetarily, and you feel like there is sufficient time to represent purchasing dresses and going to all the essential gatherings, then definitely, you ought to attempt to bring her back in. Try not to stress over numbers in the event that you've added another young lady to viably replace her - all things considered, we know confused quantities of bridesmaids and groomsmen aren't generally that enormous deal. What's one more bridesmaid by the day's end? 

In the event that You'd Like to Tell Her "No" 

Be that as it may, if your relationship has changed since you requested her to be your bridesmaid and she declined, or if there basically isn't sufficient time left for her to sensibly buy the dress she needs or do any of alternate things connected with being a bridesmaid, you can graciously advise her that you are so eager to celebrate with her, and wished she could remain strong with you, however there essentially isn't sufficient time for her to be arranged. If so, you can make a point to incorporate her in every one of the occasions paving the way to the wedding, and make her vibe exceptional by welcoming her to get you prepared and alternate bridesmaids. Because she isn't a bridesmaid doesn't mean she must be isolated from the gathering on the day of your wedding. 
This is only one of those circumstances that might feel clumsy, yet nobody will hold against you on your real wedding day. Whichever course you pick, simply try to be conscious of her emotions and as comprehensive of her as you can be.


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