Full Body Mehandi Designs 

Full Body Mehandi Designs

The most popular and loved art which is famous for more than five thousand years in areas of middle east, Indian and Pakistani subcontinent is mehandi designing. This art is famous among all from rich to poor and children to oldies. It is also not very expensive and is a very famous grown herb of India. Before it was mainly used as an accessory or jewellery on hands and legs but today its popularity has made it extended to full body henna designing. Mehandi designing is used for occasions like festivals, wedding ceremonies or parties as an ornament. 

About mehandi

Few decades before henna was applied by using very thin sticks or match sticks but as technology changes today it is available in coned packet which makes it application very easy and more mehandi art can now be designed. After its application henna or mehandi darkens its color from crimson orange to deep brown and sometimes to even black. Also there are tips and tricks to darken the colour of mehandi by oils, sugar syrup and lemon juices. 

Designs of mehandi

Even with the basic designs, today applying mehandi art also includes use of colored crystals and faux which enhances its look more and makes it even more beautiful. Designs of mehandi include curves and motifs all around. These mehandi designs can also have traditional folk drawings with wedding scenes or couples together. The arches in mehandi design make it even more mesmerizing. Today full body art of mehandi have also become more popular not only in Pakistan and India but also in western countries like Britain, US and others. There are also various famous mehandi designs like Arabian mehandi, Marwari mehandi.

Full body mehandi art

Full body mehandi designs are mainly used in wedding ceremonies, marriages and engagement. Basically sometimes the mehandi art are so thin and compactly done that at single glance you may not get it, but when observed concentrating they tell beautiful tales. Also geometrical designs like circles, spheres, arches, spirals can be seen in mehandi designs. These designs stretch from fingers to full hands and in legs too. Art of mehandi can also include different flowers shapes from heart shaped petals to round and oval shaped which are shaded with lines or dots to enhance the beauty. Also different shaped leaves can be included with surrounding curves and shaded outlines. Intricate mehandi designs also include spacious designs with pots and fishes and bridging the varied designs with logos later.

Mehandi had more faces

Also mehandi applying is a ritual in wedding ceremony where bride is teased that if the colour of bridal mehandi is dark his future husband will love her more or she can get amorous mother in law. Shockingly henna or mehandi is also used as medicine as it has antiseptic qualities. It is effective as a herb in treating and curing head rashes and it also has cooling properties. It is also a medicinal herb for blood pressure patients. It is also very popular herb of India. 

Henna or mehandi is mainly produced or cropped in India, Pakistan, Egypt, Iran, and Morocco and nearby areas. It is exported from there to other countries. The main advantage with henna or mehandi is that it completely fades in week or two, which makes it safer, cheaper, inexpensive and painless way to have tattoos.


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