Fun Ways Of Asking Someone To Be Your Bridesmaid 

Fun Ways Of Asking Someone To Be Your Bridesmaid

Every bride has friends and family members, who have stood beside her in her worst times. Some of these friends may even have helped her in meeting and bonding with the groom and, therefore, it is only natural for the bride to want to say thank you to these special people in her life, by making them feel special on her big day. The best way to do that is by asking these people to become her bridesmaid and stand right next to her on the aisle as she takes her wedding vows. 

Since the point of asking someone to become your bridesmaid is to make her feel special, therefore, the bride need to figure out some fun ways through which she can ask her friends to be her bridesmaid. Some of the creative ways in which you can do the same, have been discussed below:

Surprise Box

Surely some of your best and closest friends would know that you would be asking them to become your bridesmaid, yet they would never expect you hand them over a box in which a balloon filled with helium would be placed. Surely when they would receive the box and open it to find the heart shaped balloon, requesting them to become your bridesmaid, a tear or two are surely going to roll down their eyes and make them feel really loved and cherished by you.

Special Friendship Cards

You can get a customized card made, which would not only have your request written on it, for your friend to become your bridesmaid, but it would also have some special memories of the two of you together in the form of a story, a poem or maybe even photos. You can count on your friends cherishing this card for a very long time, even after the wedding day is over. 

Drink To The Proposal

Friendship is like a bottle of good wine, it gets only better with passing time. Therefore, as a mark of your friendship, you can present your friends with a bottle of wine with your request, asking them to be your bridesmaid, written on the label of the bottle. 

Pamper And Propose

Once all the wedding planning and preparations start, you would hardly get any quality time to spend with your friends. Therefore, you can use this task of asking your friends to be your bridesmaid as an excuse for spending some good time with them. Take your friends out for a day at a spa or a fun lunch and when the fun is at its peak, you can pop your question. You can even give your friends a small gift, once they say yes to be your bridesmaid.

Take Them Shopping

Every girl loves to shop and besides, when you ask your friend to accompany you to the shopping mall, she would never suspect that you are about to ask her to become her bridesmaid. Once at the mall, you can then present her with a customized bag, which has been monogrammed with the wedding date and her name as the bridesmaid at the ceremony.


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