Fun Wedding Vows That Couples Take These Days 

Fun Wedding Vows That Couples Take These Days

In a typical traditional wedding, the bride and the groom generally prepare their wedding vows on the lines of love, honour and obedience. These vows are normally very emotional, but these days, there are certain brides and grooms, who are choosing to express their love in their vows in the most fun ways. 

Some of the fun wedding vows which many couples are taking these days have been discussed below:

Devoting Full Body Vows

In these vows, the bride and the groom commit each and every body part of theirs to their partner. For example, the vow would go something like, my eyes would only see your face, my heart would only beat for you, my feet would only walk the path of life with you besides, my hands will only hold your hands, my mind will only think of you and likewise, every part of the body is devoted to loving their partner. 

The Perfect One Line Vow

Instead of using too many words, some couples choose to express their love in just one simple, romantic line, like I prefer to have just one lifetime, which I can spend with you, rather than have seven lifetimes without you. It is simple and small, yet the depth of the emotions and the love that the heart of the person saying it holds, gets communicated perfectly.

Reciting A Popular Song

If you think that a song already exists which says everything you feel and want to promise your partner at your wedding, then you should not shy away from using the words from the song as your wedding vow. Not everyone has the flair of expressing their feelings through some great writings and therefore, seeking help from some of the best lyricist in the world cannot be considered a crime, in fact, there is a big chance that your partner might just love the use of the song in your wedding vows. 

Friend And Life Partner

There is nothing more than anyone can want than to have their best friend and life partner rolled into one. Therefore, in your wedding vow, you can promise your partner that you would not just fulfil all your duties as his or her wedding partner, but you would also become his or her best friend for the rest of your life. This vow not only makes the other person feel special but also helps them in knowing that their future is surely going to be a happy one with you beside them. 

Add Humour To your Vows

No one is perfect and therefore, promising your partner that you would turn into a perfect human being after marriage is making false promises which can never touch the heart of anyone. Therefore, a better wedding vow would be where you openly discuss your flaws in a humorous manner and promise your partner that you would do everything in your power to improve yourself and become a better person for them. This vow would be a perfect blend of humour and romance, all rolled into one. 


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