Get Gorgeous With the Hottest Bridal Beauty Trends Of 2016 

Get Gorgeous With the Hottest Bridal Beauty Trends Of 2016

Getting prepared for wedding day gives one an excuse for pampering oneself with the best products and services available in the market and staying in touch with the latest trends of the upcoming year. The hottest new trends of bridal beauty suggest that it is going to be a fabulous year for weddings. Here we suggest the hottest and the most trending ideas for bridal beauty tips that would make the Indian bride look gorgeous on her wedding.

The tips on what makeup to use and how to look trendy in the wedding dress are based on the ideas showcased on the runway by various international designers. For spring 2016, it can be predicted that the brides will be wearing mostly intricate designs on their wedding dresses and compliment them with beautiful hair accessories. The overall theme was all about individuality. Bridal beauty makeup was effortless and natural. Hairdos were mostly left messy with a look of undone. 

Bridal Beauty: Hair

The hottest trending hairdos for the upcoming year 2016 have been summarized here after extensive searching on pinterest and focusing on the styles adopted by the ramp models on the 2016 runways. Some of these include wavy hair, loose curls and messy hair buns.  Wavy hairstyle makes the bride look not only gorgeous but also goes well with almost every kind of wedding dress. Make your hair look full in volume or tie them up in a messy bun. Headbands can also be used to complement your bridal look. Braids and knots look beautiful on Indian bride.

Bridal Beauty: Makeup

Makeup choices must be made in a way to beautifully complement the wedding dress. Skin care should not be missed while selecting the right makeup products. 2016 is all about soft and ethereal makeup to give a natural look to the bride. Powdery pink tint on the lips along with a dash of soft pink blush on the cheeks makes the bride look beautiful and elegant. Sweet berry lipstick goes well with sultry smoky eyes to make a bold statement. Body wraps must be used by the bride to enhance the texture of her skin and bring about a natural glow to her beauty. 2016 runways also depicted models with bronze contouring on their cheek bones. Bold eyebrows are still very much in trend as they were the previous year.

Bridal Beauty: Overall look

The focus of the tips for bride is mostly on the skin to be glowing on the wedding day. Lightly flushed cheeks give an all-natural look to the bride. Weight loss programs and facial treatments taken a few weeks before the wedding help in achieving all that you want on your wedding day. Try to select the silhouette of the wedding dress which makes you look slimmer, fitter and toned up. Ornaments must not look over the top a they might overpower your overall beauty statement rather than enhancing it. The shades of the wedding dress must be chosen to suit the body colour tone. The idea is to enhance the glow on face.


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