Get stunning Decor with Gotta- take a look and decide 

Get stunning Decor with Gotta- take a look and decide

Till now we see that gotta is extensively being utilized for lehangas or at a few pompom tassels to your blouse.  The use of gotta is taking a tremendous turn now. Can you imagine that entire decoration of wedding or mehandi or any other festival with gotta? Yes, the affordable and festive gotta is here to bring and to add the touch of shimmer and sparkle to your event. There are numerous gorgeous designs, 

1. Circular patties of Gotta- stick them as a backdrop

it’s the perfection of that gorgeous look, when you plan to have mehandi , the background rocks with a few gotta patti circles- the coloured combinations, like as pink and ranni color can look too cute. It’s otherwise, an easy décor idea too. The flower bougainvillea can be so trendy and fabulous.

2. Drop down-hang them up

Hang the mixed up gotta with net/ sheer fabric and let them drop down. The beauty of such a creative design is worthwhile to be appreciated. The drop down or the hanging look exhibits that so nice click.

3. Make them mandap decor

Instead of the usual flowers, you can also use gota patti rings and stitch them   one on top of another to create a pretty mandap.

4. Make them into frames

They can be made to look fun and traditional at the same time by sticking them up on the frame. The empty walls look so neat and good.

5. To create more strands- Mix them with flowers

The flowers when mixed with and the bunches of that weaved gotta is again a creative idea to have the perfect decoration.

6. Use them as buntings

You can also use them as buntings – the gota patti makes the decor look super shiny. Add it to table cloths and other places where you put in reams of fabric!

7. Wrap them around household items to give them a festive flair

Wrap them around charpoys, vases, kettles…you name it, any centrepiece or decor to add more masala to the look!


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