Get the Ring You Want on Your Engagement - Be Diplomatic About the Hint Providing 

Get the Ring You Want on Your Engagement - Be Diplomatic About the Hint Providing

The excitement of your being getting engaged is reflected in the emotions that you have. The engagement would lead to the series of emotions that would lead to the marriage. Here, you feel that you want the ring that’s totally you and the one that you can save for the rest of your life. You would not wanna be stuck with a ring you don’t like forever.

Choices matter a lot

The preference of the men is entirely different from girls. The kind of stone, cut, carat, metal or color, they are previously envisioned by the most of the girls. One might like a flashy solitaire in white gold, while someone else might consider a plain etched gold band more personalized. For some of us, it’s as simple as just wanting a bigger and flashier stone than our sisters or friends to show off with. Because, the ring is the biggest conversation starter for the next few months, alright!

Wanna get the ring you want??

The main constraints of asking directly about your engagement ring seem rude too. The main factor here is about the budget, he wants to spend on the wedding. So, what do you think, to provide him hint about your choice or giving him hint that you are too picky about the things…or what if he thinks that you doubt his choice?

Possible solutions-

The best possible way is to go for the situation of somehow schedule picking or designing of the ring together after discussing about it. While some of us might find it rude to ask for the ring, others may like the element of surprise or wouldn’t wanna put too much pressure on our man. But remember to appreciate one thing no matter what… the ring he gets you is because he likes it, and he’s putting a lot of effort and money behind it!

Perfect hints to let your partner know the kind of ring you want-

You need to have the clue pertaining his budget. The salary is one thing that you can ask indirectly to calculate the math’s required for the same. The budget that your partner wants to spend on the engagement ring is what all you need to know about.

While browsing or sitting together, you can leave the tab opened, so that he can see the kind of ring you are looking for your engagement. It seems sneaky, but worthy of all the efforts because, he would not like to spend all his money on the design which you don’t like.

You can casually go online, or find something in the magazine that you like, and further, ask him, what he thinks about this. This small hint would be sufficient for him, to know about the kind of ring you like.

While going together in the malls or the market, if you get a chance to ask for the kind of rings, then you should pick only those, which are exactly as per your choice. So that he can notice your repeated same choices.

The smart way can be to point out the friend’s ring you like and make sure your partner sees that. It can be as effective, as indirectly providing the hint about the kind of ring you want.

While you both are in the jewelry shop, pick that kind of stone or the ring that really you deserve and want. Don’t confuse your husband by different choices every time. This point can be the most remarkable point for you.

Lastly, if you’re one of those who just want a practical band over a flashy ring, make sure to make it clear to him! But you’ll have to convince him that it’s what you really want and you’re not just saying it! Tell him that you guys could spend the money saved from the ring on something else like your honeymoon!

So ladies, what do you think? Is it OK or is it rude to hint about the ring you want? Let us know in the comments below!


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