Get the Tips on the Art of Exotic and Luxurious Trousseau Packing 

Get the Tips on the Art of Exotic and Luxurious Trousseau Packing

Wedding is a big ceremony and starts with the grand preparations for the guests who come to be part of the occasion. The individual preparations of bride and groom are very elaborate too and everything needs to be taken care of pretty well, if the confusion and criticism is to be avoided amid the gathering. Wedding trousseau packing is one such task that requires good efforts and in an intelligent manner. 

As per the universal custom that the cultures all over the world follow, the bride leaves her father’s home and moves to her new house to start the new life. India is no exception to this; rather we follow definitive traditions like vidaai that symbolizes the parting for the bride. She also carries with her, all the belongings, especially the clothes, accessories and jewelry that make her complete as a bride in her new home. Trousseau packing is therefore important so that she does not miss any of her needful products like cosmetics and jewelry and others. But trousseau packing is itself an art claim the experts who count different factors of relevance to this task. They have forwarded the following tips for a hassle free, fault proof and luxurious trousseau packing for the bride.


Always ensure to - 

-  Make a complete list of trousseau 
-  Assess you requirements of packing 
-  Sort out the fragile and not so fragile goods 
-  Individual gifts need not be opened! 
-  Select a theme for the trousseau 
-  Always make a final list of trousseau to be handed over 


However, apart from the formal adherence of the above mentioned protocol, it is equally important to ensure that the trousseau looks good; almost exotic so that it appeals to everyone! Here the creative art is required and bride’s maids could be of great help. Experts have offered some fine trousseau packing designs and concepts which could be relied for ensuring the optimized value and décor. 


The theme of trousseau packing 

Trousseau Packing Ideas

Select a theme for trousseau packing like with exotic golden nets or multi color packaging. This would generate a specialty concept and would make it more attractive. Apart from the nets and plastics, you can decorate the packed products with icons and specialty décor options that are available in plentitudes in market. 


The colorful combinations 

Latest Trousseau Packing

A creative visualization can only guide the color combinations! While the packaging materials would offer their own glare and gaudiness, it is also imperative that resonant colors are chosen for the products that are being packed. You can put up contrast combinations or the matching ones. 


Better go for transparent or partial packing 

Trousseau Packing Designs

It is good to keep the packets and parcels transparently covered with polythene and nets. This would offer a glimpse of what is packed inside. Here come alive the contrasting colors packing concept as discussed above. 


Adopt artistic packing of her suits and attires 

Wedding Trousseau Packing

Trousseau packing ideas for suits should include placing the suits in a gaudy manner so that all the lustor and décor value is visible from beneath the transparent covering. 


Her personal accessories and cosmetics 

Destination Wedding Jaipur

Cosmetic packing for wedding is among most important things, for none of the brides would like to forget it! Better if you choose an elegant & colorful cosmetic box for packing all the items into one. 


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