Get Those Oomph Looks With Cosmetics  

Get Those Oomph Looks With Cosmetics

Get a makeup done and enhance your appearance. Makeup is not a new concept at all. It all began with Egypt community inventions in nearly 60s. Egyptian regarded beauty as holiness and used to wear the peculiar make-up, perfumes, aroma oils etc. Egyptian Pharaohs would utilize exceptionally trained workers to impart them divine look by using the cosmetics with a specific end goal to make them look like god.

Makeup is not a new concept at all

The artists that use the cosmetics on the skin and upgrade your presence are often alluded to as cosmetologists or beauticians but they are distinctive in that make-up artists practice just in make-up and aside themselves from nail done or hair done. They specialize in the cosmetic and wardrobe technique.


Wedding makeup transforming ‘YOU’ into ‘DIVINE YOU’: For a bride it is significant to choose the cosmetic tones with her wedding dress.


Eyes that incite

Eyes that incite

Eye make-up extremely elaborates and creates the sensation through the eyes and is an integral bridal makeup.

Bridal Makeup by Mrinali Kalia

The eye make is performed on the eyelashes, eyelids, eyebrows and beneath the eyes. The essentials for eye makeup include eye shadows, eyeliners, mascaras, eyelashes, concealers and primers. The latest trend in the eye makeup is kohl makeup. Try different looks for different occasions and become a drama queen with winged eyeliner or go up in smoke with kohl range of eye shadows and eyeliners.


Stain your lips

Bridal Makeup by Priyanka Baweja

Justice your lips and paint them with lipsticks, lip paints, lip balms, lip stay-on and/ or lip stains. You can choose the lip wears with the invincible colour in it or else can go lip nude with the clear transparent and sheer options.

Best makeup artisit

Ancient Egyptians used red colour stain for their lips and cheeks which was derived from red ochre pigment.


Paint your nails

Beautiful Nail Art Designs

Without painting the nails; getting the chic looks is nearly impossible. Nail painting is as old art as the Egyptian art. Egyptian used to paint the nails with henna and ochre blend. Nail polishes not only decorate the nails but also protect them. Nail polishes are applied to nails in different manners.

Best Nail Artist in Delhi

Go simple and look pretty with one colour application or use combination of colours to define the gradient on nails. There are various options available to choose from- the Pretty pastels or bright neons. Nail extensions and nail art is nearly impossible to achieve without the help of professionals.


From Black and White to Colours

professional bridal makeup artist

From the ancient times the henna has been trusted for coloured hair tried in combination with other ingredients like coffee, potato juice, lime juice for imparting colours. However, now the synthetic colours have superseded. Apply for an hour or two and you are good to step out with your new hair colour. Try root touch-up, the highlighter or the global hair colour. For those who are wary of using chemicals, the organic colours are in vogue that is perfect for chemical averse.



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