Getting Married? Reasons to inculcate Dry fruits to your daily Diet 

Getting Married? Reasons to inculcate Dry fruits to your daily Diet

Dry fruits meet the requirement of having the good shelf life and are ready to eat. Moreover, the dry fruits meet the requirement of mid meal snack. Let us observe some popular and widely accepted dry fruits and nuts that are available -

Dates are richest source of micronutrients like boron, cobalt, copper, fluorine, magnesium, selenium and zinc. In addition, they have caloric value too.

Apricot is a prune (a fruit with a stone), which is enriched with the micro nutrients and are extremely useful for the treatment of cancer.

Black Currants are known as a rich source of Vitamin C. Dried black currants have a high calorific content. The fruit is available in southern Europe and the tropics. Historically it has been used to treat throat sores and as diuretic.

Blueberry, which is also abundantly grown in many parts of the world, has a good amount of sugar. Its essential constituents include- minerals like manganese, vitamin c, vitamin k, and dietary fiber. The phytoconstituents in the blueberry make it a good antioxidant.

Strawberry is a fruit which is extremely known for its flavor and taste. It’s widely utilized to prepare jams and to flavor sweet dishes. Dried strawberries are a great source for micronutrients and photochemical that prevents cardiovascular diseases and antioxidant that prevent cancer.

Cherry fruit has distinctive flavor and taste. The jellies and jams are made using them. In addition, they are rich source of vitamin c.
Figs are a fruit of the ficus group of the trees. It has some dietary value, but not as rich as other constituents. It’s used in the places where the vitamin c is in the scarce.

Goji berries or wolfberries – ensure long life of the person who consumes them more. In addition, these berries are supposed to cure many ailments.

Dried Apricots a great mid-meal snack

A Pack of Mix Berries to go along with a long

The Healthy Pack of Cranberries to chew on- if you always need something to chew on then instead of the chips or something else, the mixed berries are the best way to get dietary fiber without huge dose of cholesterol rich fats and carbohydrates. For a great treat to your tongue, have the mix of berries like strawberries,  raisins, cranberry, Goji berry, blueberries and many other berries that are a great treat to your tongue.


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