Getting the Marriage License 

Getting the Marriage License

A certificate of Marriage gives evidence of marriage, government disability and is helpful in getting visas for companions to travel together. 

Hindu Marriage Act 

Pre – Process necessities: 

Address evidence: international ID, driving permit, gas charge, apportion card, voter ID 

Evidence of habitation must be from the city in which the marriage is being enrolled. 

Application form filled. 

Five photos of the couple in size 2B. A combined photograph of lady and groom with sign over each photograph. 

How the Application for Marriage Certificate functions 

Application for marriage filled in the recommended structure with: 

  • Name and Address of husband and wife 

  • Signatures of lady and spouse, 

  • Signatures of 3 witnesses present at the season of marriage alongside their name and address, 

  • Joint photograph of lady and spouse with a sign over every photograph ought to be introduced to the Registrar of Marriage. 

  • Marriage officer will confirm the information of the application and records. He will issue a Certificate of Marriage on the off chance that he is satisfied that the records are original and as per the law. 

Unique Marriage Act 

It applies to all regardless of religion, rank, and dialect. 

Pre – Process necessities: 

In the event that you want to apply for an authentication post/before your marriage, here are a few things to be noted deliberately to solemnize the same: 

  • The two parties can't be hitched to any other individual, without an appropriate legitimate end of that marriage having occurred. 

  • Any of the parties can't be of unsound personality and unequipped for giving wilful agreement to the marriage. 

  • Any of the two parties can be capable for giving intentional assent, however of unsound personality and unequipped for bearing kids because of the same. Those of unsound personality can't be qualified for solemnizing a marriage. 

  • The individuals who are inside of the criteria of restricted connections are likewise ineligible, unless they can wed with authorization as indicated by the use of traditions or use representing them. 
Uncommon Marriage Act | Process Flow 

  • The spouse and lady ought to give a notification of proposed marriage 30 days ahead of time of solemnisation alongside the recommended expenses. They should have lived persistently for at least 30 days inside of the jurisdiction of the Marriage Officer before giving the notification. 

  • On the off chance that no complaints are received inside of 30 days from the date of notification of proposed marriage, the spouse and lady ought to show up before the Marriage Officer inside of the following 60 days after the completion of 30 days from such a notification alongside three witnesses for solemnisation of the Marriage. 

    The Marriage Officer following the rules under the Act and principles will solemnize the marriage. In the event that the marriage is not solemnized inside of 90 days from the date of notification, a new notice must be issued.

  • The Marriage Officer will control a vow in the endorsed structure, solemnize the marriage and issue an authentication of marriage. 

  • The lady, husband and three witnesses might sign the revelation and the declarations of marriage.


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