Getting Voluminous Eyelashes on Your Wedding Day 

Getting Voluminous Eyelashes on Your Wedding Day

The fuller look of your eyelashes not only increases the beauty of your eyes but also adds glamour to your complete wedding makeover. If you want to give a voluminous look to your eyelashes and your wedding day is almost here, don’t panic, follow these simple guidelines mentioned in this article and get the fuller eyelashes in the most natural way. These free tips will make your eyes look glorious and glamorous.

Making sure your Eyelashes are in Good Shape before the Wedding

Instead of rubbing or pulling your eyelashes, pat them gently or dab them with a mild cleanser or remover. Make sure you never tug at your eyelashes.

Be careful while using eye lash curler that you don’t pull or out pressure on your eye lids at all.

While trying to remove the lumps of mascara from your eyelashes, it is recommended that do it while taking a hot shower so that the steam will easily lift of the mascara from your lashes.

Applying a thin layer of olive oil on your eye lashes in the night helps in minimizing the breakage before your wedding.

Using Mascara to get Voluminous and Fuller Eyelashes on the day of Wedding

These days a wide range of mascaras is easily available in your nearest drugstore or online. The lash boosting mascaras however better advantages than the other normal mascaras. The mascara wand is filled with fiber and makes the application of mascara a very easy task. Luscious lashes can be achieved by following the below mascara application tips:

Always start by cleaning up your eyelashes with an oil free makeup remover. This oil free removers coat the eyelashes with oil making sure the mascara doesn’t stick on to them.
Make use of eyelash primers which help in plumping up the eyelashes before the mascara is applied.

Apply the mascara staring from the roots of the eyelashes and wiggling up the application brush over the lashes in outward motion. This would ensure a good coating of mascara is evenly applied on the eyelash.

Mascara should be applied on the top of the eyelashes as well. This helps in defining the shape of the eyelashes in a better way.

Eye shadow should be applied before applying the mascara so that the eye shadow powder which falls on your eye lashes during application doesn’t spoil your mascara.

Use a small and narrow brush to apply mascara on your eyes. This helps in getting as close as possible to the roots of the eyelashes. However to achieve a fuller look, a wide and thick mascara brush shall be used.

The mascara product shall be changed every two to three months as with time there can be bacterial growth in the mascara which could cause irritation or infection in your eyes.

Making use of False Eyelashes

False lashes can be easily procured from a good eyelash technician. These are long lasting and do not require any complicated procedure during application. They are not permanent and can be removed whenever not required.
Using Eyelash Extensions 

Eyelash extensions are professionally applied lash by lash on your natural eyelashes and bonded with an adhesive. They become like your natural eyelashes and save your time. They usually last for up to two months when maintained with great care.


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