Getting Your Big Day - Eco-friendly 

Getting Your Big Day - Eco-friendly

Wedding is the one in life time event for most of the people. But a single wedding gets into a lot and lot of items. Starting from printing invitation to arrangement of wedding halls to wedding dinner, there are lot and lot of items which gets wasted in a wedding. 

Eco-friendly wedding is the new trend of wedding 

With most of the people being educated in today’s generation and the awareness on sustainability in the social media, the younger generations are more moving towards eco wedding favours. People have started realizing that sustainability is more important and when we protect the nature the nature in turn protect us. 

Eco weddings can be made green with the following tips

Making a wedding eco-friendly is very easy. The only thing which you need to do is incorporate the principle of lean and waste management in wedding. Though the words like lean and waste management seem relevant to management and business, the wedding is indeed an event which takes toil of lot of things similar to doing business. 

The following are some of the best areas where you can incorporate green wedding favours in your marriage.

  • Invitations can be made smart – Instead of printing the wedding cards and wasting tons and tons of papers. You can just opt for sending your wedding cards through email or message. By opting for invitations through email you can save a lot of things like – Save paper – the amount of paper used for printing the wedding cards can be saved which will impact the environment positively. Save fuel – by sending your invitation through mail you reduce your petrol or diesel charge. Also you can save time and money. 

  • Selecting the best hall and time can save a lot in eco weddings – The hall which you select for your wedding is very important. Remember you can save a lot of money and electricity by selecting an efficient hall which has the best light system and ventilation. Besides this if you conduct your wedding in the day time you can easily add up to saving a lot and lot of electricity.  

  • Wedding dress – if you can use the wedding dress which is rented you can save a lot of money and save the waste which is going to be generated in the future. Almost 99% of the people are not going to use their wedding dress after their wedding and hence it is advisable to go for rented wedding dress or gowns. 

  • Wedding foods can be saved – the other important item which gets wasted in a wedding across the world is the food. Make sure that you plan your wedding meals as per the number of people attending your wedding. A recent survey which was conducted by the leading wedding magazine has clearly quoted that food is the most important of waste in wedding. Make sure that you have a Plan B for the food which is going to be wasted after your wedding. 
The future is in our hands and let us make a promise that we will lead a sustainable life by making our wedding eco-friendly. 


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