Gifting Jewelry to Your In-Laws 

Gifting Jewelry to Your In-Laws

During a wedding, it is extremely important that the gifts that are given to the in-laws are good and acceptable to their standards. To make things easier, people generally gift jewelry to the in-laws, since this is one gift item which is loved by everyone. Having said this, there is a lot of choice that is present in the market with respect to jewelry and it can sometimes become difficult to select a piece of jewelry which would make a good gifting option. There are many factors which one needs to consider when selecting this jewelry, like their own personal budget, the taste of the in-laws to whom the gift would be given, etc. 

Below are a few points which one should always bear in mind when making jewelry selection for gifting purpose:

Age Appropriate

The first and the most important thing that one must keep in mind when gifting jewelry is that the design of the same should be such that it does not look weird on the person to whom the same is being gifted to. Jewelry is believed to be timeless and yet there are certain jewelry designs which are meant for a certain age group only. For example, jewelry with animal motifs, statement jewelry, etc. are not something which a woman of the age of your mother-in-law would like to wear. They would, however, be an appropriate gift for your sister-in-law. For your mother-in-law, you can go in for the more traditional and classic jewelry designs. 

Buy Good Pieces Within Budget

During a wedding, everyone makes all the purchases within a budget. Even in the case if buying wedding jewelry, be it bridal jewelry or jewelry for gifting purpose, there is a fixed budget which people have in mind. It is important that at all times, one remembers this budget and takes all the effort to stay within the limits. However, this does not mean that you end up compromising on the quality or purity of the jewelry. What can be done is that instead of gifting a full diamond set to the mother-in-law, you can always buy her nice diamond bangles only. Do not compromise on quality or else that reflect badly on the bride and her family. 

Select the Right Pieces

Just like it is important to choose a design which would suit the age of the person, similarly, the jewelry piece you are gifting should also be carefully chosen. For example, when the gift is meant for a younger person, the best jewelry piece would be earrings, while in the case of middle aged or older women, bangles would make a better gifting option. It is also important that you do not buy too big or too small pieces, as they do not look good on everyone. Gifting of medium sized jewelry like giving tops instead of long earrings is a much smarter and better option. Similarly, instead of bangles, you can opt for bracelets as well for gifting purposes. As far as metal is concerned, it is better to go in for standard diamond or gold jewelry as the choice in the case of colored stones can be quite specific. 


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