Give an Assorted Look to Wedding by Using 5 latest Wedding Table Centerpieces Ideas 

Give an Assorted Look to Wedding by Using 5 latest Wedding Table Centerpieces Ideas

Indian weddings are known for their lavishness, opulence and flamboyance. Apart from those fancy entrances, fancy stages and Mandaps which are significant part of Hindu wedding decorations, wedding decorators are outdoing themselves when it comes to wedding table centerpieces ideas. When it comes to choosing wedding table centerpieces there is a wide variety to choose from. It ranges from tall flower arrangements, low centerpieces design to a mix of both high and low. A highly skilled wedding planning team at Wedding Doers shares some of these wonderful table centerpieces ideas which will give your wedding that elegant yet colorful look for which Indian weddings are known for.

Luxurious Centerpieces


Wedding table centerpieces ideas

Using high stemmed crystal candle holders, tall gold candleholders, mercury vase or candleholders, candelabras, pearls, sequins, mirrors, Moroccan lamps, bird cages and crystal hanging as table centerpieces all these add little ‘bling’ to the wedding and give that luxurious feel to the wedding décor.

Floral centerpieces

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Flowers are an important part of Indian wedding decoration ideas especially marigold and roses. Marigolds bring vibrancy and life to an event no matter whether it is an intimate home function or a grand wedding. Gone are the days of simple flower arrangements. Wedding decorators create beautiful and creative centerpieces using flowers like marigold, which are a part of traditional weddings. Even a simple vase covered by marigold flower with flower arrangement of different types and colors of flower stands out and makes a beautiful centerpiece. Flower arrangement of different flowers in different colors and shapes when coordinated well looks amazing as a centerpiece. Pillar like centerpieces made of tall glass vases with orange and yellow flower arrangement when displayed with floral tablecloths are perfect for ceremonies like mehendi.

Romantic Centerpieces

Give an Assorted Look to Wedding by Using 5 latest Wedding Table Centerpieces Ideas

Wedding decoration ideas revolve around romance. Floating candles in tall glasses along with flowers gives a very romantic feel to the table centerpieces. Red rose being symbol of love make perfect romantic centerpieces and symbolizes the love of the couple. Red and gold are a part of most of the weddings so a tall arrangement of huge bunch of roses put together with gold tall candelabra and red and gold candle pillars makes an elegant yet romantic centerpiece.

Quirky Centerpieces

Indian wedding Decoration Ideas

From truck centerpiece with marigold flowers to bright pink kettle centerpiece with marigold and white flowers quirky centerpieces add color, brightness and lively feeling to the entire wedding décor.It is mostly coordinated with the theme of the wedding. A lot of things like buckets, teapots, kettles, colorful paper wheels, pompoms, pinwheels etc can be used for a quirky look. Quirky centerpieces give unique and funky look to your wedding decoration.

DIY Centerpieces

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DIY centerpieces are budget friendly and require a lot of creativity. A centerpiece made of tree branch with birds and bird’s nests on it along with mason jars full of red and white flowers depicts nature and make a cute centerpiece. Twigs, branches, shells, wine glasses, mason jars etc all can be used to make centerpieces.

The professional wedding decorator vendors of Wedding Doers can help you with all kind of latest wedding decoration ideas including table centerpieces of your choice which will catch the interest of all the guests.



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