Give Your Friendly Affinities A Second Chance to Save Your Marriage  

Give Your Friendly Affinities A Second Chance to Save Your Marriage

Marriage is a blissful union of the bride and groom for life. All the cultures of the world have tried to work out elaborate customs and rituals to ensure that this union emerges out a fruitful one & offers the real joy to the couple through all sorts of comforts, prosperities and eternities and fame. However, ironically, in today’s context we are finding greater challenges and issues in marriages as also increased instances of divorce. The couples are getting separated and causes cannot be clubbed under a specified head. 

The behavioral psychologists are pointing the finger to the increased stress, allied intolerance levels and inability to offer good times towards each other as the causes. Could these issues that are so complex and obscured be tackled positively and the relationships are saved from the brink of divorce. The relationship counselors have been forwarding broad theories towards the seekers and they counsel for giving a second thought and thus a second chance to the marriage. The individual partners have to take up the responsibility for this second chance. They offer some bases to attempt this chance and friendship is one of them! Let’s find out as how this friendship could generate the new synergies that are more driven towards the cohesiveness of the couple rather than the break up!

Feelings and emotions require nurturing 

The human relationships are unique amalgams and simply put, these are the finest ones in the world of living creatures. We have made remarkable evolutions along the human indices and feeling and emotions have become the dominant attributes of our lives and personalities. These attributes are such significant that these determine the entire direction of our life and we therefore need to nurture the same through our dedicated efforts. When in individual lives we fail to nourish them then the wilting emerges which is manifested in the form of weak relations. The most demanding relations like the marriage starts to suffer the most and the worst! Divorces are therefore the natural consequences and signify that many of us are actually failing to offer the requisite nurturing. 

Breeding the new love 

So how can the husband and wife make up for this deficiency in their couple life? When they find the divorce possibility as imminent then they should try once to live as ‘friends only’ for a certain period and should shed the obligations of material nature. Counselors opine that through such role they would definitely re discover the love that still exists between them and which has been overshadowed by the maze of the struggles and obligations of entire diversity. Finding this love, they would think that a new start is actually possible. The joy and happiness is tried to be brewed in the relation de novo and this sans all the constraints this time. Now the duo has to take the initiative to do the nurturing of this nascent love and if they succeed then their marriage will be saved. This counsel is worthy enough for those who are thinking that nothing is now left for them to discuss and that all the paths of resurrections are off now! Give this thought a try and optimize this newly found love between you two. Good luck! 


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