Glamour, Relationships And Conflicts: Veere Di Wedding Explores The New World Of Modern Indian Bride 

Glamour, Relationships And Conflicts: Veere Di Wedding Explores The New World Of Modern Indian Bride

There are so many expectations from an Indian bride. She is expected to dress in a specific manner, she is supposed to react in a typical manner, her walk, her talk, everything seems to have been pre decided by the society. However, things are changing and Veere Di Wedding is a perfect reflection of this. The brides are shunning the rules laid out for them, and making sure that their wedding day is, if not more, just as much fun for them as it is for the groom or anyone else who is a part of this wedding.


Some of the takeaways for every bride from this movie are as follows:


Keep Your True Friends Close And Judgy Relatives Away


The oldest Mami or Taiji will do all the ceremonies, only the sister or cousins will help the bride in getting ready, the bride is expected to follow these rules and keep the entire family happy. When in reality, she may hate her cousins and be fed up by the constant lecturing of her Taijis and other older relatives.

Veere Di Wedding with Weddingdoers

Well, if this is your story as well, then do what Kareena  does in Veere Di Wedding. Instead of surrounding herself with people who only judge her and the wedding preparations, she decides to keep herself surrounded by her true childhood friends and haves a blast with them. So, take a cue from this movie, and make sure to keep your true friends and relatives close and all the judgy relatives at a distance.


Oh, but do not forget to invite those snooty relatives. Flaunting your happiness and enjoyment in front of them will add a lot of fun to your wedding!


It’s Absolutely Fine For The Bride To Get Cold Feet


Whenever we talk about getting cold feet at a wedding, why is it that we always assume that it is about the groom. The numerous wedding ceremonies and the fact that the bride has to leave her home, family, old life and habits and adjust in an entirely new environment, with a completely new family can be extremely overwhelming for the bride, giving her a cold feet. If you feel like running away from the wedding or that you are making a huge mistake by getting married, these are perfectly normal emotions.


Kareena Kapoor Khan gets scared by the idea of marriage in Veere Di Wedding, and the best part, her friends don’t think that she is wrong. So find those friends who will understand you, listen to you and help you figure out what you want exactly, and get the same done for you as well.

Latest Indian Wedding Dresses

Dress As You Want


Sonam Kapoor Ahuja and Kareena Kapoor Khan are both style icons and they have indeed set some really cool, new and amazing fashion standards for the brides of today in this movie. But the best part, these new fashion styles give all the brides the freedom to decide on their wedding dresses, without having to conform to the set traditional bridal Indian styles. So pick a dress that you like, are comfortable in and want to wear on your most important day, rather than choosing something you think others will like.

Celebrate Veere Di Wedding

Make sure your wedding is about you and it should make you happy. Stop worrying about those relatives and society, as they do not care about your happiness.


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