Glorious Wedding Music Trends 

Glorious Wedding Music Trends

Wedding has a lot of excitement, fun and drama. Wedding music is an essential part of a traditional Indian wedding since music is considered as a universal language. The choice of music depends on the tradition and culture of the bridal family or may be regional in nature. Every Indian wedding has many events during the course of the wedding and every event has music as part of the event. There is hardly any event which doesn’t have some element of music as part of it.

Different phases of marriage

Indian wedding music is a combination of folk, traditional and contemporary music. Depending on the different stages of the marriage, the type of music varies. The most important events that happen in a marriage are –

  • Engagement
  • Sangeeth
  • Mehandi
  • Mandap ceremony – Baaraat, marriage event, Vidai
  • Reception

Engagement is a traditional event where the marriage data is fixed and the formal declaration of the bride and groom happen. The use of wedding music is minimal during this event.

Sangeeth – A music festival

The only event which is exclusively dedicated to music is the Sangeeth ceremony. During this event, all the ladies of the bride’s family, friends and associates congregate and sing their hearts out. Mostly traditional songs are sung during this event. The wedding music list comprises of songs depicting the post marriage life and highlighting or teasing the groom’s family.

Mehandi – An auspicious event

After Sangeeth, Mehandi event is organized in the bride’s home. The choice of music for this event is mostly traditional and folk. The choice of songs for this event is to bless the couple to be and the family member pray for the new couple’s prosperity. 

Baaraat – Music On

The groom is taken to the wedding venue with a baaraat where the troop following the groom sings to contemporary and folk music. High energy and latest hit songs are the choice of music for weddings in this event.

Marriage Event – Mix of music

The wedding event sometimes has a DJ to play music – mostly contemporary and regional music – so that the invitees enjoy the music. Some marriages also plan for a dance floor to allow the family members, friends and guests enjoy during the marriage.

Reception – A get together for both the families

The choice of wedding music during reception event can be very special. Bands can be invited to play live music like a wedding guitarist or a full band. The event can be filled with light music or pop music. If the music choice is contemporary and beat music, then a dance floor shall also be arranged so that the guests can dance to the tunes.

Indian wedding music itself has so many choices that any event can be turned alive. Many folk and traditional songs add life to the different events occurring during marriage. Wedding music list mostly have contemporary songs and music to as to suit the choices of all family members and guests. Additionally, many private album tracks are a popular choice since some of them are made for these marriage events and suit them perfectly.


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