Good Friday Wedding??? Catholic Answer Forum (Is it ok to get marry on Good Friday?) 

Good Friday Wedding??? Catholic Answer Forum (Is it ok to get marry on Good Friday?)

According to the western culture, the Good Friday or Holi Friday is considered inauspicious to get marry or to start any ominous work. Reason being, , the day, Good Friday commemorates the suffering and sacrificial death of Jesus Christ. It is observed by Christians around the world, especially in the Catholic and Anglican countries. For Christians in India, too, it is a day dedicated to fasting, praying, and meditating on the agony and suffering of Jesus. Many churches have a subdued service with solemn hymns and prayers of thanksgiving

Sacred Observance

Many Christians usually wear black clothes on this day. The statues and pictures of Christ, and the cross, are covered with black. The clergy wears black vestments instead of purple or red that is customary throughout Lent. Hot cross buns are traditionally eaten on Good Friday.

So majority of the Christians, catholic in particular, donot prefer wedding during the Good Friday. 

Most of the Christian take it as a day for fasting and mourning. But recently, it has been observed that Christians have started celebrating the wedding on the Good Friday. They may not get the church as the wedding venue, but they feel it is rather cost effective method to cut off the price. The number of peple attending the wedding becomes negligible due to ritual of spiritual performance and not being festive during the day. Moreover, the biggest pros is that the immediate family members would be the only main attendants of the wedding and the outsiders would be reduced. The biggest downside to it is that it isn't really convenient for your guests. Most people will probably have to take a day off work to come to your wedding and not everyone will want to/be able to. I would think about what is more important, your budget or your guests attending the wedding. Of course the most important people, like your immediate family will probably be there without complaint.


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