Gorgeous Diwali Rangoli Designs and Patterns 

Gorgeous Diwali Rangoli Designs and Patterns

#Diwali2018 – A name is sufficient for getting enthusiastic for everything- right from Cleaning, Decoration, purchasing new articles for vibrant home atmosphere to the burning of crackers , and eventually the Diwali pujan- the Goddess Luxmi poojan.when it comes about the decoration, the rangoli gets its highest priority for dazzling Diwali celebrations. The traditional look, not only provides most required fascination, but also proof of high amount of meticulousness, artistic sense and creativity.


People adorn the interiors of the home and every nook and corner with dashing rangoli designs, thus have the joyous festivity.


Most Preferred Rangoli Designs Types for Diwali 2018


Diwali colorful Rangoli 

This kind of rangoli is perfect epitome of the Diwali- the festival of lights. The beautiful shape when designed in the form of floral petals or heart shape, when filled with the beautiful bright red, violet, green and yellow colors look appealing. The Diyas- earthen lamps are lit and are placed at the tips of these designs to provide the perfect rangoli look.  This design is most preferred and appreciated as the combination of beautiful rangoli, with colors and lit earthen lamps make it shine like anything else.


Kundan Rangoli Designs


This kind of rangoli is made by colorful beads. The beads are carved on the ground in the form of the designs. To make it more colorful, Diyas can be placed in the centre as well as the sides. The beads are pasted with the help of the gum. The simple kundan art looks very appealing.


Classical Peacock Rangoli Designs

This is the most attractive piece of the art. which looks so simple, yet gorgeous. 


Rangoli is made with a prime purpose of welcoming the goddess Luxmi at the door steps. Apart from the easy rangoli and floral rangoli designs, the Ganesh Rangoli designs are in vogue which is considered as most auspicious and pious too. The dry colors, turmeric paste, vermilion powder or chalk, rice grains are all required materials for the effective mehendi designs. The wooden flours or the flour also sometimes used for the same.


Rangoli Designs Themes 

Special themes, depicting a strong message of Eco friendly Diwali, pollution free Diwali, women empowerment, prevent female feticide are specially encouraged now-a-days. Apart from this, the simpler mehendi designs, like as- circular, triangular, square shaped are mostly preferred while drawing. 


On the top of these designs, the rangoli designs of immense importance include- kalash rangoli, Diya rangoli, Chakra rangoli, lotus rangoli, Goddess Luxmi footsteps rangoli, entrance door rangoli and much more.


Important Constituents for amazing Rangoli

1. Colored powders- can be synthetic or the home made like as turmeric powders, vermilion powder or the rice.
2. Rangoli stencils- 
3. Floral petals- to make floral rangoli
4. Chalk sticks for drawing the designs of mehendi
5. Sieve.etc.etc.


Artistic Ganesh Rangoli Designs

Its undeniable that lord ganesh is the most Worshipped deities of Hindu religion. Their worship brings happiness, prosperity and good luck in the home. During Diwali festival, they are worshipped and the Ganesh rangoli designs are very common rangoli patterns seen during the festivals. The Lord Ganesh Rangoli design possibilities are endless. 


Wishing you The Festival of Diwali be celebrated in most traditional and ritualistic ways.


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