Gorgeous Sikh wedding invitations 

Gorgeous Sikh wedding invitations

The wedding ceremony is considered to be very auspicious and sacred in Sikh community. The Sikh wedding traditions exhibit uniqueness and beauty. The Sikh wedding ceremony is referred to as “Anand Karaj” and the wedding rituals are performed as per the Sikh Code or Reht Maryada. The Sikh wedding rituals are performed in the morning in a Gurugwara in the holy presence of Guru Granth Sahib. Special attention is paid on the auspicious Sikh wedding invitation cards which are distributed to the guests inviting them to witness the wedding ceremony. 

Materials Used in the making of Sikh Wedding Invitation Cards

The Sikh wedding invitation cards are usually made of expensive materials. Most of these are handmade Sikh wedding cards which are made using creamy tissue material, handmade paper, metallic paper, satin fabric, handmade silk, wooly papers, etc. textured handmade papers are extensively used in wedding cards to give them a rich and beautiful appeal. 

Designs Commonly Used in the Sikh Wedding Invitation Cards

Decorative art work and use of intricate designs can be done along with the textured paper to beautify the look of wedding cards. Kundan work wedding cards are very popular in Sikh weddings. Another important design feature of Sikh wedding card is the use of intricate patterns and textures. Metallic card materials with beautiful artwork embossed on them is a common feature of Sikh wedding cards. Use of bindis, semi-precious or artificial stones, mirror work, metallic thread work, etc. are the features which make Sikh wedding cards unique. 

Other Features of Sikh Wedding Invitation Cards

Tradition Sikh themes are used in the motifs embossed on the wedding cards. These may include the motif of decked up Sikh bride and groom, Paisley motifs, wedding procession picture, garland exchange ceremony depiction, etc. Rich use of calligraphy is done the Sikh wedding cards which bring them closer to the Sikh culture and traditions. Including few lines of the holy verses in the wedding cards is also a common practice in Sikh community. Matching and colorful envelopes are used to incase the elegant Sikh wedding cards. 

Sikh community is very much God loving and exhibit great piousness towards their religion which is visible in their wedding invitation cards. Once the wedding cards are ready, the first card is given at the Gurudwara as a gesture of inviting the holy lord and praying for him to shower his blessings on the couple getting married. After this the wedding cards are distributed among family and friends. In Sikh community it is a tradition to send the wedding invitation cards in the name of the grandparents irrespective whether they are alive or deceased. The wordings of the Sikh wedding invitation cards start with the holy Gurumukhi quote which is adapted from the Holy Scripture. The meaning of this quote is that, “he himself gives power to his people to complete it and that is his wish.” 
 While selecting the vendor for the Sikh wedding cards, keep in mind to evaluate the company by its experience in wedding cards making, whether it follows latest trends and incorporates them in the wedding cards and at the same time maintains the traditional feel of the Sikh community in the wedding cards.


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