Gorgeous White Wedding Cake 

Gorgeous White Wedding Cake

One of the well-known traditions is to serve the wedding cake at the reception following the wedding feast. It is also served as the wedding breakfast, in few parts of England. According to the contemporary Western culture, this dessert is basically on the display and is served at the time of reception. It is believed that the wedding cake brings good fortune to the couple and all the guests. Though, at many places they are placed only to become the centrepiece and are not nicely served to the invitees. Certain cakes are constructed with a single foodstuff level for groom and the bride to share.

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The cake for wedding is available in a variety of designs and sizes based on the amount of invitees whom the cake has to be served. Cake designers and Modern bakers use a variety of tools and ingredients to form a cake which generally reflects couple’s personality. Few widely used ingredients are – chocolate, buttercream, gum paste, fondant and Marzipan. All the Cakes vary in their components, sizes and prices. The price of the cake is decided on the basis of per slice or per person basis. It can vary between several hundred dollars to a few dollars per portion or per individual. The decoration of the cake has become a symbol of pop culture in Western society and hence, pastry chefs are especially hired to cook the cake. In American television programs like Amazing Wedding Cakes and Cake Boss are becoming very popular and are the trendsetters in popular culture today.

Originally, the cake in the wedding use to be a symbol of celebration, a luxury item or a social status reveller. In early America and England, the wedding cakes traditionally use to fruit pies the topping of which is done by marzipan and iced with tiered. Cake cutting is one of the chief rituals in the reception ceremony. Nowadays, numerous flavours and formations are presented, in addition to any traditional white cake.


Wedding cakes attended ceremonies of wedding for eras. They are not always the centre of attraction in the ceremony hence; they use to be presented in various forms like bread or pies. There has always being many symbols linked with the wedding cake. In the year 1655, the oldest known sugary wedding cake became popular as a Banbury cake. In Roman times, the barley bread which used to be unsweetened in nature used to get served as a wedding meal and groom was expected to break bread piece into half at the head of the bride, symbolizing "breaking the virginal state of the bride and following dominance of the husband over her." One of the widely accepted traditions is white cake to symbolize purity and virginity. The colour white is associated to marriage ceremonies since the time of Victoria, when Queen Victoria selected a white colour dress for her wedding with Prince Albert in the year 1840. The Queen Victoria has exacerbated an existing white symbol; the white colour is often related with purity and virginity. The wedding cake was initially recognized as the cake of bride and hence, the white colour has become common, as the cake had to imitate the bride.


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