Gorgeous White Wedding Cakes 

Gorgeous White Wedding Cakes

It is believed that marriage is fulfilling and memorable only when celebrations are made hyper. This is made possible with the help of wedding cakes.  The cake cutting tradition is followed almost in every wedding either at the beginning or at the end. It is not a newer ceremony to be adopted rather it has its roots since ancient days.

To celebrate a classic wedding, make sure that the cakes ordered are classy and exotic.  Wedding cakes cheer the couple and bring in life to cherish the wedding ceremony.

White wedding cakes

Cakes are available in different flavors and colors. But people mostly prefer only white wedding cake for their marriage. This has got an inner meaning that white signifies “purity and good fortune”.  They also look appealing and mouth-watering to taste. 

Get hold of best cakes

If you’re from an orthodox family and do not encourage grand celebration then it is best to choose traditional wedding cake. They can be made simple yet beautiful.  They reflect the good will and spread it around.

Tiers of cake

If you’re planning for a classic wedding then make sure the wedding cake is of five to eight tiers. People opt for five tier wedding cakes to make it look like a classic wedding cake. On the other hand if it is a budget wedding then go for a simple single tier cake which caters to your need. 

Alternative to five tier cakes

Another good method to display a five tier cake at the budget wedding is to make a single tier of original cake and fake the remaining tiers with artificial colors. This is mostly done even at classic wedding to make the wedding cake look fresh even for hours together. 

Make it innovative

The wedding cake is captivating with unique decorations and statues at the top of the cake. Most often classic wedding cakes contain the statue of couple posing in different style. Nowadays the original image of the bride and groom are depicted in the wedding cakes.

Cost is an issue

Traditional wedding cakes do not cost much as they are made from naturally available fruit cakes. Spending too much of money on the wedding cake is acceptable only when it serves all the invitees gathered.

When to schedule the cake cutting event?

In many cases the cake cutting by the couple is done at the last. But it takes long time for the guests to wait till the end. Also many might leave at the earliest after conveying their wishes. Hence the appropriate time for cutting the wedding cake is when you feel the guests are about to leave. 

Good fortune

The cakes are tied with ribbons at the bottom carrying a ring in it. The unmarried men are asked to remove the ribbons at the bottom. The person who unties the ribbon and finds the ring in it is the next person to get married. Thus the couple passes on their good fortune to others at the end of their wedding.


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