Grab Best Wedding Pictures Ever- Know These Worthy Tips  

Grab Best Wedding Pictures Ever- Know These Worthy Tips

Photography has been gorgeous gift from the god side, reminding of the memories that were just once in life time happenings. When you sit with your hubby, cuddled up and reminiscing how dapper he looked when he arrived on the ghodi and how beautiful you appeared in your designer lehenga or saree when you entered under the phoolon ki chaddar. The fun you had with your bridal party with the sangeet ceremony, pulled you in the state of sweet memories. The wedding album is prepared in the way of providing you the gorgeous memories. The main purpose of having it reveals that the album is the only way you can see and go back to your nice memories immediately. 
The perfect wedding photographers know the importance of wedding poses and they work tirelessly to generate memories to ensure you return home after all the halluballoo. They create the album to assist you reminding memories even a decade later. 

the wedding photographers with intense knowledge of natural clicks of the couple with acute fondness towards the well planned and organized weddings reveals that wedding photography does have some tips for brides to ensure getting some perfect shots. The photographer would look good at you and ideate on what wedding photography poses and captures will highlight your best pictures.

1. Spend 20 % of your time with the wedding photographer, as equally with the makeup or hair stylists-
The great Indian weddings keep the husband and wife on the toes all the times. Even then brides must spend a considerate amount of the time with your wedding photographer to have the best shots. The brides never forget to spend the time with makeup and hair stylists.

2. Have pre wedding cloths according to the concept -
The concept of pre wedding photography is as important as is the main wedding photography. Take the time and discuss it with the photographer to ensure the pre wedding shoot is perfectly matching with the outfits and attire. The photographers do have experience regarding the same and they provide you the marvelous ideas for your photos.

3. Keep smiling during the functions- 
No matter what wedding jitters you may have or you’re on the verge of switching onto the bridezilla mode; make sure you put on your best smile. The photographers are trained enough to capture the moods when you least expect it. Smile must not leave your face anyways. These happiest moments of your life require you to be internally happy. Why to frown when your smile can make things thousands time more cheerful.

4. Give the names of your immediate family, preferably with their photographs, just so that they’re in the frame and not left out
In Christian weddings, immediate family members wear a tiny boutonniere during the wedding so that the family members can be recognized and Hindu weddings does not go for the wedding boutonniere of the same kind.
Make sure your mamay ki bua ki bhatiji ki ladki is not left out, so let your photographer know who they are well in advance with photographs if not in person. 

5. Coordinate with the lighting engineers to strike a balance between face light and ambient light- 
You need to let the photographer know what the light setting is going to be like at your wedding. Just so they are aware of how much ambient light will be there or there are any other arrangements that they need to do from their end.

6. Getting permission is mandatory to have full access throughout the premises-
This rule is applicable for the five star hotels. Some donot allow the full access throughout the premises. Getting permission in advance from the authorities would enable you to have better shots around the hotel.

7. Let photographers know of any creativity or talent that can be shown through concept shots-
The concept shots are unique in the way of telling the story through the mere contents of the photograph. These shots are neither traditional, nor candid one. They have more of artistic approach. 

8. Be prepared to wake up early morning and stay up till late night to get some of the most creative shots
No pain, no gain is the way to go. You will have to sacrifice on your beauty sleep and spend twice as much the time with your photographer, because creative poses for wedding pictures don’t come easy. So be prepared.

Have fun, fun, fun! The more you enjoy the better shots we get!

If you won’t enjoy the best day of your life who else will? Have as much fun as you can because ultimately your inner feelings get mirrored onto the final pictures.


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