Grab the Ideas to send Wedding Invitations 

Grab the Ideas to send Wedding Invitations

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Sending a marriage invite card is a task integral to preparations and all are eager to choose one! Indian wedding invitations are particularly designed with a spiritual imprint and even the colors choice is limited! Yellow and orange are considered auspicious in Hindu traditions while we also find the rich use of silver and golden tones for printing.


While grand, beautiful and elegantly designed wedding invitations have been available since the earliest time, recently, we find some novel concepts that have got very popular. Many such concepts are driven by technology of age and allow the iconic depiction of the warmth and cordiality towards the guests; while at the same time showcasing the love and genres of the bride and groom tying the knot! Here are some of the trending concepts that have found wider resonance. Have a look!


The video invitation format

Sarbat Photography

A video invite is a marriage invitation online! You can choose to get a custom video made that will showcase the artistic concepts including the pictures of the bride and groom that are inserted appropriately.


‘Save the date’ style invite on a postal envelope

Customized Wedding Cards

Carmma Ideas

It is a concept fancied by those who like to send their wedding invitation in a different way. This type of wedding invite is developed as a beautiful collage work in the middle of which, a postal envelop of the yester-decades is printed. The rest portion can contain the icons of resonance and this allows for the designing of customized wedding cards also!


The jovial depiction of the couple

Wedding Invitation

Culture Curry

Such types of wedding invitation carry the playful concepts that are beautifully woven around the bride and groom. Often, they like to be shown as cartoons making fun through hide n seek game or doing fishing together or other games.


A traditional invite designed elegantly like with pearls and stones!

Traditional Wedding Invitation

Vivek Sahni Designs

Among the most popular and sought-after concepts, these wedding invites are designed as really elegant and broad. Use of rich colors and like as said above, the gold and silver are also used here in full for writing a decent invite for the guests. Often, you find the border work done in a splendid manner and there are traditional motifs and design symmetries.


The e-message sent as SMS or by WhatsApp

Digital E Invitation

Such invites are trending fast these days! Everyone is sending an e-message through the smartphone! Frankly speaking, there is no dearth of designs and concepts and every year, plentiful of these are being designed.


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