Great Fun ideas to Steal From, For Your Wonderful Wedding... 

Great Fun ideas to Steal From, For Your Wonderful Wedding...

No wedding can be planned without appropriate fun and Masti for the incoming guests As well as the relatives. No only does a pre wedding ritual find its important role for the same, but during wedding too, the fun and frolic activities do not let yawn people on your big day. 

Indian rituals of wedding are already unique and interesting in the way that the ladies sangeet, which is originally designed for the females of the family and the guests, but males tend to be more romantic, showing their interest in the teasing and laughing activities of the wedding. The songs are sung, dances are played, the relatives are teased and the real fun is created when they try to mimicry and become the copycat.

More of the super fun ideas would ensure that people don’t yawn on your big day!

1. Have a cricket match before the wedding

To break the ice and to initiate with the things, the best way is to organize cricket match between the boys and girls side. This small activity would liable the extra fun and the recreation of the relation during the initial stages of the life.

2. Have a DJ request box on your Sangeet

DJ request chits, on which guests can scribble on, can be inculcated than utilizing the coaster. Maintain a box for the DJ to listen to. Don’t you think it would be the perfect idea to operate and play that particular favorite song of your perspective guests. 

3. Popcorn cart for midnight during the feras

The activities of the wedding are tiry and troublesome when the restless dancing on the beats get joined with the inproper meals. For sufficiently happy eatings during the midnight feras , make sure to keep popcorn cart serving warm popcorn. The salted and caramel mix can be extremely palatable and crispy for you to taste. 
4. Notes to be opened on your 1st anniversary & 5th anniversary

The interest of the visitors gets doubled when the notes labeled as for first anniversary, 5th anniversary are gifted and they are not allowed to be opened before that. When the couple might open it after one or five year, how wonderful they would be feeling to have the wishes of the relatives pre written. 

5. Wedding Tattoos

Make your mark- with personalized wedding tattoos that your bridal party can wear.
6. Have a truck in your mehendi serve up cocktails

Arrange for one decorated opened truck, loaded with the edibles and various items. As there can be nothing like a bar truck to gets the mood going for one big party.
7. Have a ‘make your own golgappa’ station

The golgappas are the most favorite items of almost everyone, attending the party.  Have some arrangement of the kind where the golgappas are not prepared by any helper, rather the people, themselves prepare them for real mix of the taste. Jazz it up with flavored water as well. Arrange for the taps, dispensing the sweet water and spicy one too. 
8. Let the groom enter in a vintage car

There can be nothing more worthwhile like an old vintage car to make a grand entry.
9. Serve Alcoholic Chuskis

The ice , broken and moulded into the form of chuskis, when sprinkled with the vodka and delicious juices can give double joy for everyone. Make sure, you don’t allow children or kids to have approach to these chuskis.
10. Arrange a sufi night

The popular trend now a days, follow the arrangement of one Sufi night, where the traditional songs, the old melodies can be revived for the real flavor of love and joy. Hiring one singer before can be the best way to have fantastic memories of your wedding.

11. Have a fun photo booth

Get a giant Polaroid photo booth for all and sundry. The funny pics can leave a better impression in your wedding.
12. Turn your indoor venue into a garden outdoor feel

Prefer Using grass carpeting to cover the walls of your inside venue- giving it an outdoor forest feel.
13. Serve up Chaat papri in martini glasses

Self explanatory. Nothing can be so delicious as the lipsmacking chat papri in the martini glasses.
14. Have Whistles on your table at the sangeet to cheer each side

If you Put blow whistles on each table so the audience can cheer the people performing on stage by whistling them.
15. Dandiya sticks

The dandiya and garba dance is most popular tradition of the people celebrating wedding rituals like in the Gujraat and many other places.Use Dandiya Sticks as wedding favors- let your guests even pick up a couple during the sangeet.
16. Chappals

Arrange a box with chappals that women can change into for hours of dancing!
17. Put your love story on the board

 This forms the real story depicting calendar of your life time pre wedding relationship. The curiosities of the people can be satisfied using the board , depicting the dates of your lovely dates and meeting , proposal, even the kiss day celebration.
So everyone knows YOU guys a bit better.


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