Groom Entrance Songs for Romantic Touch 

Groom Entrance Songs for Romantic Touch

The actual process of wedding starts with arrival of groom with the barat at the marriage venue. This may be the house of the bride or any other designated place. So, this moment is quite important and it should be fun filled and memorable for the groom as well as the complete guests. 

While many things and ritual happens when the groom enters the marriage venue, the songs form an important part of that. The wedding music band playing the effective tunes and barat members dancing to that brings emotional moment for the father of the bride filled with joy and sorrow of departure of his daughter after the ceremony is over. 

Here are a few groom entrance songs that are commonly played.

Dancing Songs

These types of songs are played by the wedding bands when the barat (procession) is just to reach the marriage venue. The friends as well as other members of barat party find no bind on their joy when they dance to their best on the songs like


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