Groom to Dos - The Last Minute Checklist 

Groom to Dos - The Last Minute Checklist

The bigger planning’s for the special day, and forgetting smallest important part makes reveal that the last minute planning is lacking somewhere. Similarly, being a groom, if you are worried with all the wedding hoopla, that you’ll forget those wedding cufflinks, then here are mind boggling ideas to drool over for exquisite last minute wedding planning- follow this to-do timeline-

1. Three months before wedding-
It’s high time to fix about the wedding attires that you and your groomsmen are going to wear. You should reserve rentals or go for tux shopping for you and your posse.

2. One month before the wedding- 
After selection procedure for the outfit, it’s mandatory that you make sure the finishing of the alterations to have the final fitting. There would be ample of time available for the shop to further make the final alterations.

3. One Week Before the wedding-
It’s essential that you go for getting a haircut. Get a manicure and buy new boxers for the day. Here you are supposed to give your wife a surprise by wearing or purchasing something stylish.

4. One day before wedding-
Make sure the tuxes you have rented for you or purchased for your father and the groom men, even the ring bearer, have been arranged in the final alterations. In case of renting or buying, ensure that the jackets, trousers, shirt, tie, vest, shoes, cufflinks and dress socks are in correct size. Other luring concept is to have all the accessories carried along with you in case you will be dressing somewhere else other than at the home. The accessories may be the outfits and the grooming products. For instance- hair products, tie, cummerbund, deodorants, vest, coat or jacket, studs and the cuff links, shirt, dress, wrist watch , trousers, undergarments, socks, last but not least- the wedding rings.

5. Final day morning- 
Initially, get a clean shave or close shave. Then have a shower hot or cold. In case, it’s highly sweating day, then remember your deodorant. Don’t forget rings to be placed into your pocket to entrust your best man sometime before wedding. 

At the very last, have a sigh of relief, breath slowly; inspire deep breaths, not for yoga, but to get ready finally to see you in the mirror. Now get ready for your snazzy bride entrance.


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