Groom Wedding Sehra - A Veil of Groom 

Groom Wedding Sehra - A Veil of Groom

In India the tradition plays an important role in various accessories for groom as well as brides. While the bride is the queen of the day, the groom is the king. The wedding dresses of both are special on that big day. These are not worn on the occasions. One of them is the groom sehra. It is different in different part of India and but form an important wear on the wedding day in almost all the regions. 

The Making of Wedding Sehra

The groom necessarily wears a turban or pagri in north region including Punjab. The sehra becomes a part of it in these regions. It is made of single cloth of only one colour. The colour of sehra is in matching with that of wedding dress of the groom. In Rajasthani sehra the pearls as well as other precious stones are also used. 

In south India, the wedding sehra is veil of flowers. It covers the face of the groom. When the groom approaches the marriage venue which is usually the house of the bride or some other place such as marriage hall or banquet hall, his face is covered with the sehra. The sehra may be detachable from the turban or may be an integral part of it. In all the cases, it is expected to of light weight so as avoid inconvenience to the groom. 

How a Sehra Looks Like
The sehra is a head dress that the groom wears on his wedding day. It consists of flower garlands that hang on his face and usually cover it. It is one sort of veil for the groom. The grooms wear sehra to have a royal look and also to have add some mystery about his face. It was initially started to protect the groom from evil spirit and evil eyes. The vedic writings as well as Sikh traditions also show existence of sehra as symbol of prestige and pride. It is also worn my Muslims. It is the expected that the groom wears the sehra during whole wedding ceremony and don


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