Grooming For the Dream Wedding with The Best Bridal Attire 

Grooming For the Dream Wedding with The Best Bridal Attire

What can be a memorable event for a woman other than her wedding? She would have had a thousand thoughts about his dream partner and how to get married to him in the best possible way. Every woman would like to have a perfect, hassle-free wedding and that requires a lot of planning, even 6-8 months before the wedding date. And this also requires meticulous and committed team of family members and friends to aid the bride to get everything right – from the wedding gown, bridal shoes, grooms dress and groom shoes, bride and groom mothers’ dresses, bridesmaid selection and their costumes, venue, food and drink selection and tasting, flower decoration and photography.

Making the perfect plan for a smooth wedding event

It is important to prepare an exhaustive checklist for all the planned arrangements and items to be procured for the wedding. The major categories of checklists to be maintained are –



  • Wedding outfits – Designer wedding gowns, designer bridesmaid dresses, engagement dresses for brides, wedding shoes, bridal and groom shoes, bridesmaid shoes
  • Wedding Decorations – Altar and archway designs, backdrop & ceiling decorations, centrepieces & headpieces, car decoration and gift box/table decorations
  • Wedding catering – Identification of caterer and his availability, choice of menu and prices, food and drink list finalization, wedding cake and knife designs, additional service requirements of staff and finalization of guest list



Choosing the right outfit for the bride and groom

The perfect bridal look is a combination of the attire checklist given below,thus ensuring the perfect get up –



  • Designer wedding gown
  • Bridal Shoes
  • Gloves and hair piece
  • Necklace, Ear rings and Bracelet
  • Watch
  • Set of lingerie with a body shaper

It is important to ensure that all the accessories for the bride should be complementing the wedding gown. The wedding shoes should be of same colour as the wedding gown and of similar material too. The pattern and design of the wedding shoes shouldn’t be gaudy or contrasting. It is important to be comfortable with the shoe fit rather than opting for very high heels.

The head bands, necklace and ear rings should be chosen as a set with same theme and design since they bring out the stunning looks of the bride. The veil is generally chosen to be of mid length covering the hair till the waist and brings an elegant look from backside.

Designer dressing options for the unique wedding look

Being special can be two fold – wearing a unique and specially stitched designer dress or selecting a readymade dress with the perfect fit aiding the bride’s personality. Though it is the bride’s or her party’s choice in choosing the better option for her, the former option would help for preparing a charming bride. Designer boutiques for bridal dresses are aplenty these days that specialize only in designer wedding gowns, designer bridesmaid dresses, designer bridal dresses and engagement dresses for brides. They help to identify the perfect fit for the bride, matching accessories to bring out the best wedding attire for the bride and customize the dresses for the client’s personality. The usage of such designer boutique services is on the rise nowadays and it is worthwhile to avail their services.


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