Grooms Boutonniere  

Grooms Boutonniere

When you wear a business suit on the wedding day, you may use a boutonniere. It is worn near to the heart on the left lapel. You are already aware a boutonniere is a single blossom like stephanotis, rosebud, freesia etc. If you wish, you may use a flower’s cluster in place of a single bloom as groom's boutonniere. 

A Tradition at Some Places

In various parts of the world, there is a tradition that each member of wedding party is given a boutonniere for wearing on their left lapel. It may consist of a single blossom freesia, miniature carnation or a rosebud. The close family members of groom such as father, brothers, grandfather etc. may also wear similar boutonnieres. This gives an easy identification of family members of groom. In some cultures, the father, brothers or grandfather of the bride also wear boutonnieres. These are meant for honouring them, but these are not detailed or elaborate as that groom’s boutonniere. 

What the Groom’s Boutonniere symbolises?

In every culture, the groom's boutonniere is assumed as symbol of his fidelity and love towards the bride. It is also seen at some places that the flower the groom’s boutonniere is just the mirror of the bridal bouquet. It may consist of white roses, white orchids, lily, tulip or a sprig of stephanotis. But at some places, the bold colours such as red, pink or green are also worn by the groom as boutonniere. 

Is there any difference in Groom’s Boutonniere to that of Groomsmen?

In some countries of the world there is a system of groomsmen and bridesmaids during marriage. So, the groomsmen also wear boutonnieres, but they are different to that grooms. While the groom’s boutonniere forms a part of bride’s bouquet, the boutonnieres of groomsmen necessarily complements the bridesmaid bouquets. It is generally achieved by using a same colour flower to that of the bridesmaid dresses.

If you see the boutonnieres, you may easily differentiate the groom from the groomsmen. The flower on the groom’s boutonniere is generally different and lavish, have different greenery as well as a ribbon of different colour. It some cases, it may be of different style too. 

Things to Consider While Selecting Boutonnieres

It is quite common that the grooms are taking grooming package under the guidance of some experts and makeup artists. If you are one of them, you may take his help in choosing a style of your boutonniere. In all the cases, you must consider that the boutonniere selected by you suits the style of the tuxedo. The size of boutonniere may be according to your physique. For example, if you are a tall man, a tiny boutonniere will not be suitable for you. It must be according to your personality as well as to your personal taste. If you happen to consult your would-be-wife, you may ask her choice that she would like to see in you. You may incorporate that in your wedding outfit as boutonniere. She will like you wearing her choice on that big day.   


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