Grooms Formal Wear Checklist 

Grooms Formal Wear Checklist

If you wish to look unmatched on the wedding day, you must prepare a checklist of all of the formal wears when you do the wedding planning. The check list is necessary as you may forget something which may be very crucial as well as important. You may do it in a phased manner. Here is the guideline.

Things to do Three Month Advance of Wedding

In some part of the world there is a system if groomsmen. You may also adopt this and have a few of friends as groomsmen. They will escort you in various activities of marriage. When three months are left to your marriage, you may plan about your groomsmen and their formal wear on that day. Keep in mind that their formal wear will be similar to you, but not in the same (matching) colours. So, you need to go for shopping of clothes and getting that tailored. You may give measurements to the tailor, because it would take some time in preparation and final finish. For the groomsmen, you may get the dress stitched or book (reserve) the rentals. There are some agencies, your wedding planner may advise you, that give formal dresses on rent. You may utilise their services.   

Things to do One Month Before

It is the time; you must visit the tailor and get the wedding dress made in final shape. It is important to remember here that you may require three to four visits of tailor before the final wedding dress comes in your hand. It is for giving measurements, testing before stitching, final test after testing and finally collection of stitched clothes. 

Things to do One Week Before

Your hairs are important part of look, so get a haircut so that it doesn


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