Grooms Formal Wear FAQs 

Grooms Formal Wear FAQs

When you talk about the wedding and the dress to be worn on that day, you are confused what to wear and what not to wear on that big day. Necessarily the groom, bride as well as all the people present on the day wear the formal dresses, but the wedding dresses for the bride as well as the groom are really very important. To keep you at ease, here are some FAQs related to groom formal wear. 

What Formal Wear Should the Groom Wear? 

Various types of dresses are worn by the grooms according the local culture and tradition. The groom has to be unique and different than anybody else on that day. Though the groomsmen wear the similar dresses to that of groom but the colour of wedding dress of the groom should be different from that of groomsmen. 

It is seen that the grooms wear dhoti-kurta, pajami-kurta, sherwani or a business suit (coat pant) on the wedding day. You may choose any dress as per your choice. The other family members may also wear the similar dresses but the quality of the groom


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