Grooms Wedding Ring Needs To Compliment His Persona on His Big Day 

Grooms Wedding Ring Needs To Compliment His Persona on His Big Day

Wedding jewellery adds the charm of exclusivity to the bride as also groom on their big day. For the bride, the wedding jewellery is a whole array while for the groom; some distinct items make him special. A groom’s wedding ring is one such jewellery item and the jewellers around the world have been making the best ones.

The designs and patterns in groom wedding rings 

Broadly speaking, when it comes to grooms’ jewellery, some essential attributes have to be taken care of, for he is not the shying bride and his charm actually flows through his masculinity; while it is also true that every groom does shy on his big day only to be teased by all! Never mind; the wedding rings for him have been designed in different forms while keeping in mind the manly spirit in him. A sense of elegance is what is tried to be developed and the designs have to be appropriately resonant. With these parameters, there are not many forms suitable for making the groom ring; in contrast to the broad range of experimentations that keep taking place in the bridal jewellery. For the groom’s ring design, a raised rectangular base could be good that can also hold the gemstone like the diamond or the ruby or such others. These days the band types are also getting buoyant, upon which the stones could be studded. The overall feel in the band types is a plain one that suits well to the outdoor routines of a male. A much raised one offers more of the jewel appeal but is not suitable to the daily lifestyles of a man. 

Above discussion was all about the designs and patterns so that a generic resonance is developed with his personality. Now we should also pay due attention to the materials and metals including the latest emergent options of high popularity. 

The metals choice for the groom’s ring – 

Gold – gold is the traditional choice for the wedding rings and these metal still rules high. Intricate designing is possible through the modern techniques dedicated to 18k and 22k gold. 

White gold – the new lustrous alloy of gold which is very much suited to the diamond and zirconia studding on the ring

Red gold and rose gold – the pinkish colour is added through the copper metal. It has emerged as a fine option for the grooms’ wedding rings. 

Platinum – this new expensive option has come up only in the last few years; only on account of the rareness of this metal. 

Titanium, Rhodium polishes – the rings other than gold are often coming with titanium or rhodium polishes so as to make the groom’s ring scratch and tarnish resistant.

The gemstones 

  • Diamonds – diamonds have been the traditional gems for the groom’s wedding rings. A round cut colourless would be good. Choose the size as per your budgets. 

  • Rubies, emeralds and sapphires – these have been the fine precious gems since ages. If an authentic colour appeal is sought then these could be perfect. 


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