Groomsmen Wedding Suit Trend Ideas 2017  

Groomsmen Wedding Suit Trend Ideas 2017

The groomsmen are just as important as the bridesmaid. They are in-charge of ensuring that the groom has everything available on his wedding day. These groomsmen would be standing right next to the groom on the wedding stage, and therefore, it is important for them to dress up well. Just like the bridal outfits, and the outfits for bridesmaids, go through style changes almost every season, similarly, even the wedding attire for men also undergoes style changes every year.

While the groom ensures that the wedding outfit he chooses for himself is the best and of latest fashion, he also needs to make sure that his best buddies, playing the very important part of the groomsmen are also dressed well, add to the style quotient of the wedding stage. 

When choosing the reception dress for men, it is important to find something that is stylish, looks good on the groomsmen who would be wearing it, and most importantly, should be comfortable to carry for the groomsmen. Many grooms therefore, prefer the groomsmen to themselves choose their own dress for the wedding. 


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However, if you are a hands-on groom, and have taken on the responsibility of choosing the dress for your groomsmen, then below are a few latest trends of 2017 in designer suits for men.

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Color Choices

When choosing the dresses for your groomsmen, you need to make sure that they are in sync with your wedding sherwani designs and color. You should pick colors for the groomsmen dresses which would help in highlighting the color of your own sherwani. Thus, if you are planning on wearing a royal blue or a dark color sherwani, it would nice to dress up your groomsmen in lighter colors, so that when standing together on the reception stage, your sherwani looks the most prominent. Some of the popular color choices this year for wedding collections for men are black, navy blue, charcoal grey and brown. 

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Pinstripe The New Trend

Normally we associate pinstripe suits as the dress code for bankers and other stiff working individuals. However, the latest wedding collection for men by many designers offers some very interesting and elegant blazers for men in Indian weddings with this pinstripe design. While this style may not be the best option for the groom, it would be absolutely perfect and trendy for your groomsmen. 

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Mix Traditional With Modern For The Main Function

Indo Western Sherwani for groom

It is important to choose traditional sherwanis and any other Indian outfit for your groomsmen for the wedding day function. You can make your groomsmen wear western suits on all your other functions, but the main wedding day should be all about Indian traditions, and hence, the dress code for the groomsmen should also be traditional. However, this does not mean that your groomsmen can simply take out their old sherwanis or kurta pajamas and wear them for your wedding. There are many new styles in Indian wedding attires for men that give the traditional Indian wear for men a modern twist. Choose a nice modern and new indo western dress for your groomsmen. 


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