Guide for Parents for Becoming Perfect In-Laws 

Guide for Parents for Becoming Perfect In-Laws

In our society the parents see their children with a hope for looking after them in old age. Their feelings revolve around growing of the child, leaving home going for higher studies, getting married, setting up their own families and lastly becoming the parents in laws. 

But when a son is married, a new bride comes and become the part of your family. The same thing happens with your daughter also. You see her growing, going to school, graduating, joining a job and finally getting married to a boy (groom) who takes her away and make her part of his own family. Thus, the marriage relationship is nothing but starting a life in other family, other than the family of birth. As a perfect in laws you need to accept and assimilate the new bride in your family and culture. Here are a few words of advice that you may use.

No Starring In Child Life

You have seen the child since birth and in a matured stage of marriage. When the new bride has come, you need to accept her with open heart and let her manage the things of your child


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