Gujarati Wedding Ceremony Represents One of The Finest Celebration Appeals 

Gujarati Wedding Ceremony Represents One of The Finest Celebration Appeals

Indian wedding ceremonies are fat and gala affairs that continue for days till the culminations are reached and the fulsome feelings are lived by the guests. There is an inherent richness of the customs and traditions in Indian wedding and some regions have led the celebratory appeal.

Gujarat is a state where the life and fervor is always held high by the people there. Weddings mark the zenith of such celebrations and fervor and everyone tries to get indulged while relishing the moments in the lap of the cultural customs and traditions. Also, the Gujaratis are deeply religious people and they take care to ensure all the customs in full spirits. So what are the elements that are held and celebrated as the icons in the Gujarati weddings? Let’s look into the significant ones!

Indulgent garba, tasty cuisines and a splash of colors

Defining Gujarati cultural elements like the traditional garba dance, the colorful patolas and tasty cuisines, all are worked with full dedication to develop the wholesome feel at the wedding. The evening prior to the wedding is reserved for the dance and music where the family members make the indulgent moments. There is special appeal for the garba dance which is the characteristic mark of Gujarat culture. Garba dance is complemented by the colorful apparels of the guests. While the modern culture has gripped the Gujaratis also, they like to live the wedding occasions with a manifested element of the traditions; and the clothes serve the same. However, what so special about the Gujarati apparels? The regional costumes are a real splash of the colors. The lehangas and cholis offer the vibrancy. The cuisines are equally rich and indulgent and add to the celebration.

The core religious values add to the wedding appeal

The religious customs are an array here and the important ones include ghari puja, ganesh matli, ganesh sthapan, mehndi and pithi among others. These customs begin in succession since days before the wedding and offer the culminating value till the end. Ghari puja is worked by the married women of the house who grind some wheat in the traditional grinder. The groom then offers some of the ground wheat to the priests and this is symbol of the good fortune and prosperity. Ganesh sthapan is a ritual similar to the other parts of India and offers to invite the goodness, fortune and prosperity to the house that prepares for the wedding occasion.

A wholesome mix of rituals and celebration fervor

Mehndi rasam is interwoven throughout the Indian society irrespective of the religion or region! Mehndi or henna is considered auspicious for the marriage and has the special value for the bride. Pithi is also performed by the close family members who work out the process through turmeric, oil and perfume to offer the solemn purification of the bride and the groom. All these rituals serve the value for the occasion and make the Guajarati wedding very vibrant; especially when the richness of the cuisine, costumes, dance and music is pooled along with.



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