Hand Dyed Ribbons That Will Make Your Bridal Bouquet Look Stunning 

Hand Dyed Ribbons That Will Make Your Bridal Bouquet Look Stunning

The use of ribbons on bridal bouquets, in order to make these bouquets look even more stunning is nothing new. For a very long time, a variety of ribbons, like silk ribbons, etc., are being used on bridal bouquets to compliment the beauty of the bouquet and make the bouquet which the bride would be carrying down the aisle on the wedding day with her, look absolutely gorgeous. As mentioned above, there are many different styles and types of ribbons that are available in the market and based on the look of the bouquet, the flowers used in the bouquet and the theme or feel that you wish to create, the choice of the ribbon is made. 

However, there is a recent trend where the readymade ribbons are being replaced by hand dyed ribbons. The colours and the looks which these hand dyed ribbons are able to create are absolutely beautiful and therefore, more and more brides are opting for these handmade ribbons, rather than buying readymade ribbons. 
Making Hand Dyed Ribbons

The process for making the hand dyed ribbons is pretty simple, and almost anyone can make these ribbons. The simple steps involved in the making of these ribbons include the following: 

Getting The Ribbon Material Ready

The first step is to use a ruler for measuring the length of the ribbon and with the use of the scissors, cut the desired length from the fabric with which the ribbon will be made by you. 

Preparing The Water Bowls

Next step is to keep three bowls of water ready. In one bowl, you place hot water, in the second bowl you place warm water and in the third cold water is placed. 

Preparing The Dye

Next, you need to put a few drops of that dye colour, which you wish to give to your ribbon, in the bowl which contains hot water. Stir this mix with a spoon.

Dying The Ribbon

Now take the strip of the ribbon which you had cut off as per your required length and submerge it in the hot water which is mixed with the dye. Depending on the shade you need for the ribbon, the duration of dipping the ribbon on the water will depend on. If you want a light shade, then simply place the ribbon in the water for a few seconds, and if you want a darker shade, then keep it dipped for several minutes. 

Setting The Colour

Now take the ribbon out of the hot water and immediately place it, first in the warm water for a few seconds and then in the cold water. 

Let The Ribbon Dry

Let the excess water from the ribbon drain away and then hang the ribbon on a hanger and let it dry. 

The two most important things to ensure during this entire process are to use the best quality dye and use the correct fabric material for making the ribbons. If either of these two ingredients is compromised, then the quality of the ribbon will also get compromised. 


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