Handmade Wedding Invitations for A Creative And Personal Touch  

Handmade Wedding Invitations for A Creative And Personal Touch

Wedding invitations are a special part of the whole wedding. They are the first thing that people see as a window to your big day. Blasé of the old ways of inviting, invite your guests to your big day? Loosen up as the handmade wedding invitations come to your rescue! While readymade invitations can be pretty fancy, nothing matches the personal touch of a handmade wedding invite. Handmade invitations can range from artsy and funky to sophisticated and simple. Make your big day stand out with stylish and creative handmade wedding invitations. 

Personal touch 

There’s something mysteriously special about a wedding invite that is handmade. It is created to suit the theme and style of the wedding and provides a perfect picture of what a guest should be expecting from the wedding beforehand. They give a sneak-peek of how your big day is going to be like. You can set the tone for the entire event with a themed invitation matching your wedding theme. Handmade invitations are more thoughtful and leave a lasting impression on your guests. The personal touch of a handmade invitation cannot be bought or duplicated. It is also a good option for the brides and grooms who are bored of the traditional wedding invites. 

Personalization and Customization 

When you’re getting styled handmade wedding invitations, then you might as well personalize them for your special or close relatives and guests. Personalizing and customizing an invite becomes easier and practical when the invitation is handmade compared to when it’s readymade. The hosts or couples can also DIY their own invitations. DIY wedding invitation packs are easily available at many stores. Don’t forget to pay attention to the details while customizing handmade wedding invitations.
A photo of the couple or the whole family, autographs of the couple, brief family history, etc. are great ideas for personalizing a wedding invitation. You can also opt for an ancient style wedding invitation in which two scrolls are placed on both the ends of the invite and rolled up. This is then enclosed in a tube-shaped structure. 

Easy & Affordable 

Imagining saving dollars on your wedding invitations and rather spending them on food and decorations! The biggest merit of a handmade wedding invitation is that it is modest and cheap and doesn’t weigh you on your budget. Speak of a restricted wedding budget and the handmade section comes to your rescue! 

Go paperless

While creating a handmade invitation, you can take your creativity to the next level by going paperless and using materials such as linen, box, balloons etc. Other materials such as ribbons, ruffles, beads, sequins or pearls can also be sued as add-ons or embellishments. These invites are never seen before and totally distinctive. They’d make your wedding an unforgettable one! You can check for creative wedding invitation designs on apps like Tumblr and Pinterest. Fix up a budget for the handmade invitations you want to send out to your guests and then go about deciding the material and the style accordingly. Another way to show that your wedding can be one-of-a-kind is by mailing out funky and stylish handmade wedding invitations to your guests.


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