Have an Exclusively Rustic Flower Bouquet For Your Wedding 

Have an Exclusively Rustic Flower Bouquet For Your Wedding

Wedding occasion and flowers have remained interwoven since the oldest days; mainly because flowers are some of the most beautiful adorations we have discovered directly from nature. There are cultural traditions, particularly the South Asian whereby the bride and groom are decorated with the flowery concepts. The ‘sehra’ (the head garment made in flowers) is integral to the Indian weddings and groom emerges iconic with his long sehra. The Muslim bride also ties a small sehra at the time of her ‘vidaai’ (her formal move towards the new home with her groom). The western cultures have the tradition of wedding bouquets that are carried by the bride and her bridesmaids. The florists have been pooling their skills of ikebana passionately to make the best bridal bouquets. There have emerged distinct segments and specializations in these bouquets and some brides prefer an exclusively designed rustic bouquet for them. Let’s look what could be best rustic bouquets for the brides. 

What are rustic bouquets?

The market is full of best wedding bouquets but when it comes to these being rustic, then a different appeal is of course required. What is this difference and how it is secured so as to satisfy the demanding lady at her big day! Florists of experience know the art of selection and only this selection could make a rustic one. First of all, we should try and grasp the meaning and feeling of ‘rustic’! Anything that is marked by definite elegance and soberness could not be rustic but these are the assimilative attributes of rustic. Rustic also stretches sometimes at the backscale on time line so as to import the traditional feel. All these ingredients getting mixed generates a uniqueness called as ‘rustic. While designing the flowery bouquets, this is possible in innumerable ways and the real task is that of the florist. He has to make the selections without getting influenced wholly by the trends because these could be flamboyant also; and this can’t be rustic again! 

Wild could be rustic too!

Rustic wedding bouquets, if going by the examples are mostly made in white flowers but these do contain a definite tinge of green wild grasses and semi woody twigs. Some may bewilder by the thought of ‘wild grasses’ but a real artist knows how make out the art from the same less known species that could even be growing neglected in the backyard. So one corollary of rustic’ definition is also that it need not necessarily include the expensive exoticas! 

Do the choices yourself 

The white varieties could be the lilies and roses and smaller flowers from the spring rhododendrons. The latter ones brilliantly complement and balance the big ones and the rest of the filler job is done by the greens of different types. One significant factor that determines the true resonance is also that the bride herself chooses the varieties for the bouquet. It should be stated that when a true rustic personality seeks a bouquet and is offered to do the choices, then there could be no aberration! 


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