Have The Cost Reductions Without Losing The Appeal Of Your Engagement Ring 

Have The Cost Reductions Without Losing The Appeal Of Your Engagement Ring

Engagement is a special occasion for it brings together two lives as a loving couple that will tie the knot to enjoy and bliss and would also fulfil the obligations. Engagement rings are exchanged now as a norm throughout the world as a mark of this union. The jewellers are offering some of the best and appealing rings made in precious gold and white gold and decorated with the diamonds and other gems of demand. No wonder, when such dedication is pooled with the objective of having the optimizations then the cost is bound to go up. Especially the rings carrying the diamonds are among the most expensive ones. For some, the cost is always a determining factor in spite of all the appeal offered from the ring. Let’s look into the essential factors that act as the cost determinants of the engagement ring and how most pocket friendly rings could be had!

The precious metal 

Engagement rings are generally made in precious metals like gold that has remained as the best choice even in the modern age. The price of the metal thus determines the cost of the ring also. However, as stated, an engagement ring is a special icon in it and we just can’t go for the one in silver or other cheaper choices. Some more metals’ choices have also come up in the recent years and most of these are the gold alloys like the white gold (containing 75% of gold and rest nickel) and the rose gold (50% to 75% of gold and rest is copper). These alloys apart from being very trendy and lustrous in them come at a lower cost. So you can have your engagement ring made in them but the cost is not very much less for the white and rose gold variants!

The weight of the ring 

With less of the manoeuvring in the metal choices for the rings, the weight emerges as the essential determinant of the cost of the engagement ring. Depending upon the budgetary limits of your pocket, you can go for the appropriate weight. Remember that the same designs are possible in both the bulkier and lighter rings. 

The gemstones studded in the ring 

Diamonds are the most expensive ones and bring up the value and cost of the ring drastically. No wonder, such rings are real charms in them. However, the cost reduction is possible here if the diamonds are replaced with the rubies, emeralds and amethysts among others. These come at less cost and are equally appealing; plus these also add a colour appeal. Rubies in white gold could astonish you!

The designing and make of the ring could be important!

Really marvellous designs have been made possible through dedicated mini looms and lathes. It is now possible to use least of the metal and make out the same design. Thus designing of the engagement ring can fetch cost cutting in an effective manner. 

A pocket friendly engagement ring thus could be made through the dedicated manipulations in weight, designing and gemstones. And this would not even reduce the quality and appeal of it. 


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