Having Sex Daily Generates Multiple Health & Relationship Benefits for the Couple 

Having Sex Daily Generates Multiple Health & Relationship Benefits for the Couple

Sexuality is the juice of life and also serves as the driving force behind the eternities of life on this beautiful planet. The cultures around the world have worked out elaborate and fundamental customs like wedding to ensure the authentic transitions into a love life. These customs are marked by the feelings and attributes of love and respect so that a fulfilling healthy relationship is continued; while sex pleasures and indulgences always serve the lead to make the best start. However, in the current busy lives that are full of deadlines and ambitions, stress has emerged as a major factor and even the young couples find little intimacies which is pretty bad! Ironically, the sexual pleasures are considered as the good relievers of the stressors and also known to improve the relationship. Most of us don’t even know the fundamental benefits that flow from the sex genres and moments! Here are the benefits explained and therefore a cause too for why the couples should have sex daily. 

It relieves physical and mental stress 

This is the core delivery of having regular and particularly daily sex. Indulging in a satisfactory sexual activity each day helps release the hormones that work in antagonism to the stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. These stress hormones are dynamic functions of daily swift routines and the psychological stressors of entire diversity. The sex impulses especially, the genre moments of climaxing ensure that optimum quantities of the anti-stress chemicals are released. 

It improves the blood circulation and cardiovascular functions 

Sexual activity ensures that the cardio vascular pumps are revved up at least for few moments. The oxygen supplies are optimized during these moments and this oxygen necessarily rejuvenates. The blood circulation increases superbly and this serves to improve the overall health of the body. Couple of sex games can be included as foreplay and after play to have more energetic sex! 

It improves the skin and beauty 

We noted above that sexual activity boosts the cardio vascular system and strengthens the blood circulation! This same fact is responsible for the improvement in skin health as also the beauty enhancement. For the females, the sex hormone estrogen is optimized during coitus and estrogen is the one that is actually responsible for the first girly charm that manifests as ‘sweet16’! 

A good workout 

Sexual indulgence is a good moderate workout for the body, especially for the male. The couple can also have some indulgent long workouts through different sex positions! This ensures youthfulness in their lives.

Better sleep

With the stress getting reduced, a sense of relaxation and mental cum physical rejuvenation, the sleep cycles are better conditioned and a better sleep transforms into more benefits. 

A better intimacy and bouncy relation between the love partners

Having sex daily and more often keeps the marital bliss optimized and hence secure the much needed bounciness and intimacies in the relations. Sex toys like vibrators could be used to get going long together! 


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