Healthy Reasons behind Wearing Indian Jewelry Which You Didnt Know Earlier 

Healthy Reasons behind Wearing Indian Jewelry Which You Didnt Know Earlier

Wedding is an auspicious event where God is the ultimate who bless the couple for a life together. Once the marriage is finalized by the family members the purchase for the wedding attire and jewelry begins at a full fledge. 

Our ancestors have particular reason behind each and every ritual and the attire to be worn. Even before scientific advancements popped up, our ancestors realized the significance of bridal jewelry.

Indians favor jewels 

India has got a varied cultural diversity. But still women have the same notion that they prefer to wear ornaments for every occasion and festival they attend. Indians not only opt for gold jewels but also other handmade wedding jewelry made of metal, diamonds, pearls and beads.

Bridal jewelry 

The bride might wish to adorn herself with bridal jewelry from toe to head. Apart from its ravishing looks the bridal jewelry sets has its own medicinal significance. The bridal jewelry sets usually comprise of rings, chains, anklets, bangles and armlets. 

Formal engagement
The important ornament at the engagement is the ring. It is available in different forms which can be worn in the fingers, toe and nose. These rings help to regulate the menstrual cycle when worn at the toe and regulates the respiratory process when worn in the nose.

Healthy reasons of bridal jewelry 

The following consists of the healthy reasons of handmade wedding jewelry. They are,

  • Bangles- It is worn in both the hands in large numbers to indicate married women. The significance of wearing bangles is that it enhances the functioning of circulatory system in the body. It forms an important part of bridal jewelry sets.

  • Anklet- It is mostly made up of silver. Silver being a good conductor of energy it helps to absorb the positive vibes and energy from the earth and radiate the evil from the body. 

The mangalsutra 

The important items of the wedding are the wedding attire and the magalsutra. It is basically a necklace with black beads or gold tied at the wedding. It adds beauty to the bride and she feels secure once it is tied. It controls the blood pressure levels and enables smooth circulation of blood as it is above the heart.

Pearls and its benefits

The bridesmaid jewelry can be made of pearls. It gives an appealing look to the bridesmaid standing beside the bride. The health benefits of pearls are enormous. It helps to reduce irritation, headache, chest pain, and thyroid. It also gives better sleep. The bridesmaid jewelry is made simple and elegant with pearl sets in most of the western countries. 

Bridal attire

The bride can also prefer pearl bridal jewelry if it matches her wedding attire. It is also available at affordable prices. Pearl bridal jewelry makes the perfect match for wedding gowns which are usually white in color.

Cost and its related issues

The bridal jewelry is selected by the couple


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